Joey Reyes’ return to horror films

Director Joey Reyes

Director Joey Reyes

Can a horror film ever feel nostalgic?

For multi-awarded writer and director Jose “Joey” Javier Reyes, the answer is a yes. For, in making his latest movie Dilim under Regal Entertainment Inc. production, he could not help but think back to 25 years ago when he directed his very first scarer titled Regal Shocker the Movie: Ang Aparador.

“That was back in 1989, and the movie starred Judy Ann Santos,” he recalled. “Since then, ngayon lang ako bumalik sa horror, and I’m very happy Regal gave me this opportunity.”

Dilim tells the story of a girl with a third eye, who is forced to use her gift to help solve the mysterious disappearance of young female students in a university belt. Playing the lead is Kylie Padilla in her first solo starrer, with a handsome cast comprised of Rayver Cruz, Joross Gamboa, Rafael Rosell, Ella Cruz, and Natalie Hart among others.

Besides working with a young cast, what excited Direk Joey all the more in making Dilim is the technology that is now available in heightening the suspense and shock value of horror films.

The cast of ‘Dilim’: (From left) Natalie Hart, Rafael Rosell, Kylie Padilla, Rayver Cruz, Ella Cruz, and Joross Gamboa

The cast of ‘Dilim’: (From left) Natalie Hart, Rafael Rosell, Kylie Padilla, Rayver Cruz, Ella Cruz, and Joross Gamboa

“On top of all that, Regal gave me a free hand to experiment with the material, and as a filmmaker, your mettle and technical skills are brought to the test when you do horror.”

With dramas and comedies comprising his most recent works, Direk Joey’s attraction to the horror genre is not a well known fact.

“I’m a fan of anything horror!” he enthused. “I love Stephen King, Edgar Alan Poe, and I love terrifying myself.”

He believes that a horror movie is good when the material does not depend on blood, gore and endless screaming to frighten its audience.

“I love horror that comes quietly and naturally, and this is what Dilim brings to the big screen.”

Dilim opened on October 22 and is still showing in cinemas nationwide.



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