John Herrera to showcase digitally-printed textile designs at London Fashion Week


Young and noted Filipino designer John Herrera is all set to present his latest collection on the global fashion stage via “Fashion Scout,” the international showcase for fashion pioneers and UK’s largest independent showcase for emerging and established design talents at the 2017 London Fashion Week in September.

Fresh off his win as Britain’s Top Designer 2017 (BTD) in March—the fifth season of what is touted as “fashion’s finest event for emerging talent in British fashion”—via his digitally-printed Aguila collection, Herrera is trying his luck once more with using the same the technology.

Young fashion designer John Herrera

“I collaborated with Epson for Aguila, which delves back into history and Philippine pride,” he recalled at a send-off party with the media. “I’ve done so again with this new one, Armada, which I will showcase at Fashion Scout.”

Herrera further shared that his inspiration for the Armada collection was the very first map in history that included the Philippine islands.

“This map by Diogo Ribeiro shows the world circa 1529. With the help of Epson’s digital textile printing technology, I was able to render parts of this medieval map and present designs on opaque and translucent fabrics. The combination of sheer and stiff materials with soft fabrics create new silhouettes will remind us of sailing to new worlds,” he explained.

In a nod to the Spanish colonial heritage, Herrera also enhanced the collection by integrating in the design elements of costume and fashion from the era of King Phillip of Spain, the monarch whom the country was named after. Hues of sepia and brown were combined in the digitally printed fabrics to infuse the feel and look of this historic time.

Herrera’s ‘Armada Collection,’ which he will be presenting at London Fashion week was inspired by the very first map in history that included the Philippine islands

With Epson Philippines throwing their full support behind the fashion genius, the company’s senior general manager and marketing head, Ed Bonoan, remarked, “This is the second time that John Herrera has tapped Epson’s digital textile printing technologies to create a totally different concept in fashion and design, and we are very happy to collaborate with him once again. As the brand ambassador of Epson Philippines’ Professional Printers Group, he has truly given us the world’s attention with his ingenious marriage of art and technology. This latest collection called “Armada” is John’s avant-garde take on our history and roots; a creation that we are confident will put the Philippines on the map once again.”

Grateful for the brand’s digital textile printing technology, Herrera acknowledged how the machine enables designers to achieve their artistic vision with an advanced system that understands the intricacies of fabric and design.

Indeed, the partnership shows how marrying the old and the new—in this case, medieval designs with printing technology—always bring about a winning combination.


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