The much-awaited reel-to-real coupling

John Lloyd and Bea spotted in Balesin?

To borrow a line from a popular song in the ‘80s, have Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz decided to ‘make it real?’

To borrow a line from a popular song in the ‘80s, have Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz decided to ‘make it real?’

From blog sites to soccer moms’Viber groups, the supposed sighting of “perfect on screen couple” and noted actors John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo in the exclusive island resort of Balesin has been ablaze since Wednesday, sending fans of the 14-year-old blockbuster movie tandem into sheer excitement.

“Finally!” typed a thirty-something mom of three in her all-girls’ Viber group, though sadly adding she felt bad for Angelica Panganiban and Zanjoe Marudo, John Lloyd and Bea’s erstwhile significant others.

“But kilig ako for Popoy and Basha!” she typed just as quickly, and obviously with glee. Popoy and Basha are the pair’s iconic roles in the box-office record-breakers One More Chance in 2007, and its sequel, A Second Chance, which was just released in November 2015.

Another mom agreed, and with her very own contribution to the uber showbiz Viber session revealed she saw Angelica in a coffee shop of a posh mall last weekend “not looking too happy” as she drank her coffee and smoked her cigarette all by her lonesome.

Given all the excitement—and bits of commiseration—could it be true that the most awaited reel-to-real life coupling in Philippine showbiz has finally happened?

Let’s take a look back at the events that led to John Lloyd and Bea’s supposed Balesin Island sighting.

Netizens report on the alleged sightings of the top celebrities dining in Tagaytay and in the exclusive Balesin resort as collated by

Netizens report on the alleged sightings of the top celebrities dining in Tagaytay and in the exclusive Balesin resort as collated by

On January 14, DJ Mo Twister tweeted that a TV reporter disclosed over his podcast Good Times with Mo that John Lloyd and Bea are indeed a item, and that “an overlapping” had taken place in their respective relationships with Angelica and Zanjoe.

While all four celebrities kept quiet about the rumour—with the two men very much in the news at the time as John Lloyd went to Congress for a Metro Manila Film Festival Probe, and Zanjoe’s promos for his new teleserye, Tubig at Langis on ABS-CBN—it was only the latter part of the month that admission and confirmations were finally made on the alleged break-ups.

On January 20, Zanjoe admitted to host Boy Abunda on his late night ABS-CBN talk show that he and Bea had ended their five-year relationship. The actor refused to further details on why they parted ways.

Four days later, Ogie Diaz in a report on ABS-CBN online said he had a reliable source that confirmed John Lloyd and Angelica’s break up, complete with an actual date on January 16.

In no time, netizens began tweeting sightings of the on-screen couple finally together in real life, first dining in a Tagaytay restaurant, and now in Balesin, as collated by on January 30 and February 3, respectively. Another blogsite also reported similar posts from social network users.

Bea-JLC220150205On Thursday morning, DZBB radio anchor Arnold Clavio joined in the gossip fest as he told listeners he was looking a photo of John Lloyd and Bea in matching hats at the exclusive resort as sent by his source.

Clavio even related the same source as saying that while “the girl” was more discreet in giving away that she and her leading man are indeed an item, the two celebrities will in fact make an official announcement on their status very soon.

If life has indeed imitated art, then all that is left is to wish these two talented actors the best of luck in making everything real—finally.


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  1. Would Shaina M. be at their wedding when the time comes? Awkward, but hey that’s showbiz. Ikot ikot lang.

  2. Maybe the bottom line is,until no one of them confirms nor denies,
    those stories circulating here and there,from this and that and from him and her will remain as it is,a story.
    Knowing Bea,I am a really a fan of her,She is not very vocal in telling stories about her real live.She will just stay quite until those stories will fade little by little by the time.

  3. Leonora Marfil on

    I totally agree to both comments. Bea and John Lloyd are the 2 people i admired most.. i always support their projects. Let’s respect their privacy and be happy for them. It this eill happen, if they are really an item now, to be honest, I’ll be the first one to celebrate!!!A dream come true fir me.

  4. Well for the longest time palagi tayong bigo sa mga showbiz sweethearts, like Chardawn, Aga & Janice and a lot, it’s about time may magkatotoo naman for life sana.
    Kung ano man yan, good luck sa inyong dalawa, sana kakantahin nyo later ung “I finally found someone”…

  5. It’s such a shame that even the big wigs in news industry do not verify reports and dwell on whatever gossip is circulating.

    I’m a big fan of them but i don’t really like the fact that people are implying that JLC and Bea are very much together (and happy) while their respective erstwhile partners are SAD and Lonely(and pathetic) or whatsoever!

    They were not together in Balesin as Bea was in Amanpulo.
    You could see proofs in all her IG posts.
    They wore similar hats, YES. But does that necessarily mean they are together?!
    For heavens sake people.

    And please don’t get me started on propriety and delicadeza.
    They are two of the most good-looking actors of their generation; they definitely have the chemistry, not to mention the fact that it’s been more than a decade that people are hoping for a real life relationship; and THEY ARE BOTH SINGLE!

  6. We feel that JL still making suyo and we do not mind! In fact, we’re excited for them! Both are private people and we just know that whatever happens , they will surely handle thins things sensibly and the respec t will remain whether they officially become a couple or not . Hindi lang kasi malisyosa si Ms Amlonzo and not the type who will readily jump into JL’s bed . It took this long because like what they often say , may prinotektahan nila ang kanilang working relationship which is understandable . Kasi now they are established na at superstars na – they can afford whatever happens to their careers now .. He he – wise people- LOVE THEM FOR THIS – otherwise konti lang siguro naging projects nila together ..

    • Tess Candolesas on

      It’s about time to for the both of them to experience the joy of love they have for each other. Over the years, fear of losing each other is greater than the wish to be together for real. Release the fear, you have a very strong foundation, the friendship. Whatever happens, even if you separate as couple, (God forbid) you will still be friends and continue to have each other. Am such a fan and one of the million followers who wished and hoped your love story will become real. God bless you!