John Lloyd Cruz’s move permeates ‘surveillance’ on network’s prized possessions



Vignettes just doesn’t exactly know how to term it, but there reportedly appears to be a “check” over at ABS-CBN as far as its “prized possessions” are concerned.

Could it be possibly true that the network management is on the lookout of its artists’ personal goings-on as a result of John Lloyd Cruz’s unannounced leave of absence from his weekly sitcom?

Attributing it to the actor’s seemingly serious involvement with co-star Ellen Adarna, “Let’s face it, Lloydie’s move had kinda unsettled the station’s powers-that-be. May mga plans kasi ang network sa kanya, na bigla na lang siyempre nadiskaril. In short, ‘naloka’ nga naman ang management!”

Taking this as a precedent, the Kapamilya Network is said to be in a “surveillance” of all its big stars who – just – might do a John Lloyd Cruz in the future.

“Nagsisiguro lang, after all, para rin naman sa kanila (stars) ang ginagawa ng istasyon,” disclosed our source who requested anonymity.

* * *

GUESS WHO? The following is a continuation of our last week’s blind item on an actor-turned politician (ATP) courtesy of his cousin, a septuagenarian neighbor we respectfully address as “Kuya.”

Aside from Kuya’s revelation about the ATP’s unbelievably frugal ways, he disclosed the latter’s processed food business to be the subject of a raging family strife.

Named after their forebears whose roots are traced to a northern Luzon province, Kuya revealed: “Naku, nagkakagulu-gulo na sila sa malaking negosyong yun! But I don’t wanna get involved in it kahit mga kamag-anak ko pa sila.”

Admittedly, we’re patrons of the food products ourselves which are best enjoyed in drinking binges.

* * *

A FEMALE showbiz acquaintance (FSA) politely asked a gay comedian-friend (GCF) to buy her a pair of branded rubber slippers.

“It was he who volunteered, so nagpabili na ‘ko sa kanya. Compared to most slippers, medyo mahal nga yung pinabili ko but I gave him P3,000 just for a single pair. Nagpasobra na ‘ko ng bayad, he could have the change,” the FSA told Vignettes.

Weeks, months, years passed, nary a shadow of the branded slippers reached the FSA who moaned, “What I thought was a good buy turned out to be goodbye.”

In millennial language, the GCF is indeed a “petmalu lodi.” No more clues necessary.

* * *

IF PERHAPS this famed female personality (FFP) had her way, she would get her “cheap thrills” stricken off her memory.

Before she got hitched, the FFP reportedly lavished her men (yes, she’d get whom she laid her amorous eyes on) with anything—and everything—pricey. Branded apparel, trips abroad, expensive jewelry, name it, she never seemed to run out of money (make it cold cash) to spend on such.

But one good thing about her practice, being discreet was obviously her dictum. She had trustworthy showbiz contacts who brokered her “transactions” strictly keeping these as private as possible.

Came a new chapter in the FFP’s life. Right away, she had to put an instant halt to all this, finally committing herself to the man who showed up on their altar date.


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