Joint custody for Jake and Andi’s daughter



GUESS WHO? Veteran female luminary guilty over loved one’s freak accident

Finally, the case involving the joint custody over five-year-old Ellie had been resolved by her parents Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito on June 22 (filed by the latter much to the former’s disapproval at the onset).

While both showed up in court with their respective lawyers, it was Jake who arrived accompanied by his mother former actress, Laarni Enriquez. Andi’s mom Jaclyn Jose was conspicuously absent.

Weeks prior to the face-off, Jaclyn had taken to social media her brickbats against Jake who (allegedly) couldn’t even afford to buy her granddaughter a bottle of mineral water, among other things. There was also a snide reference to Laarni, but both mother and son refused to answer back.

While not in the best of terms, both Jake Ejercito (right) and Andi Eigenmann have their daughter Ellie’s best interest at heart

Instead it was Jake’s lawyer Ferdie Topacio who advised Jaclyn to refrain from issuing any further statements that might only jeopardize the case.

How and why Jaclyn is unusually “prim and proper” on social media these days is—as far as we know—the result of a gag order imposed by the court upon all parties concerned.

Vignettes likewise gathered that no customary beso-beso between Laarni and Andi was a sight to behold in court. Everyone acted civilly, and the agreement between Ellie’s estranged parents turned out to be mutually favorable.

Not yet fully capable of understanding what’s happening around her, Ellie must be the happiest child born to parents who just want the best for her.

GUESS WHO? Not only does a veteran female luminary (VFL) feel sorry for the “freak accident” which her loved one (LO) met recently, she also blames herself for it.

Says a Vignettes source close to her family, the VFL—known for being reasonably strict at home—wouldn’t allow her LO to puff at his cigarette in the living room. Aware of the house rule, LO opted to smoke at the terrace adjacent to the floor of the condo unit they’re occupying.

Tragedy of tragedies, the VFL’s LO accidently fell off the walled seat. Just to correct earlier, if not heartless speculations, the victim wasn’t under the influence of liquor when the accident occurred.

ON A lighter note, folks in the showbiz circle cannot help but raise their eyebrows every time this sexy actress (SA) swear that the luxury car she’s seen driving these days is from the proverbial blood, sweat and tears.

The SA takes pride in working so hard, almost hardly a wink of sleep. “Galing po ito sa pinagpaguran ko,” she would always say with a tone of dignity.

But little do most people know that the SA earns quick bucks even from showing up at casual dates arranged by discreet showbiz pimps. “Appearance fee pa lang niya, she gets paid P50,000. But if the date goes beyond that, as in ilalabas na siya, payat ang P250,000,” a Vignettes source reveals.

The same tipster adds he has unearthed juicier stuff about the SA being an alleged kept woman before she carved a name in showbiz. “Once she had a politician in the South for a rich boyfriend. When they broke up, this same guy told his circle of wealthy friends about the biggest secret he had discovered. Oh, that girl is no match to all the other women he had jumped to bed with! Ibang klase raw pala ang aktres na ‘yun. She seemed to have ‘something’ implanted in her that would make her partner lose his sanity! ‘Yung guy na mismo ang sumusuko sa kanya!”


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