Jojo and Leni: Two for the rocky road


FOR a moment I thought it was a surprise my kumpadre phoned me about yesterday. He said a new political group had been formed to push a movement called JOLEN. Being a rabid Jojo Binay supporter, I instantly got excited by the information. The “JO” in the acronym, as my kumpadre said, refers to Jojo, so that movement must be good.

What sounded a surprise was that the “LEN” in the coined word refers to Leni Robredo, the Liberal Party vice-presidential candidate. Of the many top political figures that could pair up with Jojo, the least expected to venture into it is the running mate of his most belligerent adversary, Mar Roxas. It was Roxas who had engineered the yearlong demolition campaign that really hurt Jojo. From his comfortable position as a frontrunner in the presidential race, he slid down in surveys, most of the time playing second fiddle to Grace Llamanzares, whose foundling yarn just sat well with folks forever doting on foibles and fantasies.

Why would Jojo strike up a twosome with Leni?

I spoke too soon. JOLEN turns out to be not a personal alliance between Jojo and Leni but is, indeed, a movement formed purposely to ensure the ascendance of good governance from the May 2016 elections.

From a post on Facebook, we gather the following data about JOLEN.

The movement is a handiwork of the People’s Movement for Democratic Governance (PMDG), the result of a decision reached by the group’s National Coordinating Council.
Loosely translated from its original version in the vernacular, the PMDG statement reads: “After a two-month assessment and summation work, the National Coordinating Council of the People’s Movement for Democratic Governance (PMDG) has decided to support the candidacies of #1VP Atty. Jejomar “JOJO” C. Binay for President and #5 Atty. Maria Leonora “LENI” G. Robredo for Vice President. The main reason for this decision is that both Vice President Jojo Binay and Congresswoman Leni Robredo are staunch advocates and practitioners of people’s empowerment.”

The group believes both Jojo and Leni, having been steeped in local governance, are in the best position to recognize directly the needs of the people in various aspects of social life and so are best equipped to address their manifold, varied concerns.

The JOLEN movement surfaces at a time when the Terror Tandem of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Bongbong Marcos appears to be unleashing its final onslaught.

Duterte stays undeterred in his demonic stance. He prides in his killings. He blasphemes and slanders church people. He admits committing every imaginable evil deed. And for all of these he wants to be President.

On the other hand, Bongbong remains unrepentant for his own Martial Law offenses and perseveres in riding on the crests of surveys by which he proclaims his own arrogance in claiming the vice presidency. With the Duterte-Marcos riding-in-tandem, the May 2016 elections are up for a terrible time.

Already, at nine o’clock yesterday morning 13 vehicles loaded with Duterte fanatics left Bukidnon to join up with counterparts in the National Capital Region for a projected protest rally in Manila on Labor Day. They will go via Lipata, Surigao and Liloan, Southern Leyte, then cross San Juanico Bridge in a march that will take them to Manila for the Labor Day Protest Rally and eventually for the Duterte Miting de Avance on May 7.

Clearly, trouble is endemic in both the Duterte and Marcos agenda. Both are consistent in this respect. Bear in mind that when Bongbong finally decided to run for Vice President one of his first moves was to come to Davao City and had more than a tête-à-tête with Duterte. They surely must have agreed on a number of common concerns, like curtailment of civil liberties, extra-judicial killings and summary executions, let alone womanizing.

One of these days, I’ll venture into an expose of Bongbong’s flirting with Playboy Playmates in Ermita in those days of Martial Law. Just his luck that a favorite partner was actually an activist who had passed on to comrades incriminating photos of his escapades. And you say he is cool?

Bongbong is as Dirty as DU30.

They deserve each other.

JOLEN is thus a welcome breather in a political campaign that has been mired by mud-slinging and dirty tactics, particularly from the Davao City Butcher, whose most recent ignominy was a stinging “Shut up!” to an Australian diplomat who slammed him for his derisive joke on the cadaver of an Australian lady rape victim: “She is so beautiful. The Mayor should have been first.”

From my kumpadre’s information, the people behind JOLEN are the same people who were behind NOYBI in the elections of 2010. Remember that Jojo was an underdog in the vice-presidential race dominated by Mar Roxas. Entering the fight with a low, low 1 percent in surveys, he inched his way into the struggle bit by bit, scoring 2 percent next survey time, then 4 percent, 8 percent and 16 percent. Steady increase, but not too much as we may all agree. But notice that with each increase is a doubling up from the previous one. At about this period of the race, NOYBI suddenly surfaced, NOY being Noynoy Aquino and BI being Binay. Jojo’s number shot up to 32 percent. Come election day, the pattern in Jojo’s numbers should be expected to hit 64 percent – actually he scored 65 percent.

The rationale in the JOLEN movement is clear at this point. Leni is being programmed to go the winning course of Jojo in 2010. Let’s pray she does. Jojo can surely take care of the Butcher.

Let JOLEN take care of Bongbong.


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  1. If people will only open their minds and think deeper for the sake of our country this coming election .
    The most pragmatic choice is indeed JoLen . They both have the experience and temperament of a Leader that knows and understand the grassroots problem.

  2. Let it out Mr.Mao!!!you might get the shock of your life if it pushes BBM all the way to the top.He’s now unstoppable.No amount of destructions can ever shake him from the top spot at this moment.BBM has good performance to speak of himself where she has almost none!!!…Besides,who has not done anything mischievous in their 20’s?

  3. I beg to disagree that Sen. Bongbong Marcos has martial law offenses. Bongbong was not in power during martial law days. The sin of the father if there is cannot be inherited by the son. If you go to confession do you tell to the priest the sin of others?

  4. Amnata Pundit on

    I know the kind of stuff that is passed around during an election season like this, and it really gives you a high like no other stuff can, kaya pahingi naman. I could use some of that stuff too, my wife is already complaining how old many of her clothes are. Inggit ako…

  5. You are threatening to expose BBM’s flirting with Playboy Playmates during Martial Law. Bongbong Marcos was 15 years old when Martial Law was imposed and was 23 years old when it was lifted on Jan. 1981. So, I am assuming that the escapades you were referring to happened sometime between when he was 15 and 23 years old. These kind of escapades is normal for a MAN to go through at some point time in their young lives. The senator is now a happily married man with a loving wife and 3 wonderful kids. Just like you(unless you are not normal) and every man, the senator had also his fair share of these kinds of escapades sometime during his younger years. You are accusing him of being dirty. How about you, Mr. Samonte? Plaster saint you are, Mr. Samonte. People like you are taking responsible journalism to the gutter.

  6. The yellow army again? Why are they afraid of Bongbong?Poor Escudero left in the cold. Isn.t he behind the Noybi in 2010? Politics really bites.



  8. You cannot put a good man down. BBM has done nothing wrong! He has nothing to apologize for. Period! What? Playboy Playmates in Ermita 30 years ago? What a dumb _ss joke!

    • I saw those Playboy Playmates at the Intercon that time and they were really beautiful. But then, who can blame the exuberance of youth? Any street-smart guy would have had such flirtations with the opposite sex in his younger days in one way way or the other. Who among guys can claim in all honesty that he has never had any affair or relationship with a girl, lady or woman in his younger days? That is too cheap, Kasamang Mao!

  9. good. we will take good care of bongbong. he will be our vice president, no matter who the president is or will be!!!