Jolina is a hands-on mom

Jolina Magdangal makes sure to always witness every milestone of her one-year-old son Pele with husband Mark Escueta of Rivermaya

Jolina Magdangal makes sure to always witness every milestone of her one-year-old son Pele with husband Mark Escueta of Rivermaya

Since her return to show business via ABS-CBN late last year, singer and actress Jolina Magdangal has had a slew of TV appearances, starred in the ongoing teleserye Flordeliza, and even joined the recently concluded Philippine adaptation of Your Face Sounds Familiar.


But despite her busy schedule, Magdangal makes sure to always witness every milestone of her one-year-old son Pele with husband Mark Escueta of Rivermaya.

“I want to be there for Pele in his every first development and I want to be the first one to tell Mark about it—like another tooth has just emerged,” shared the proud celebrity mom at the launch of Calpol Paracetamol Go Ginhawa Mom campaign at Edsa Shangri-La in Mandaluyong City. Magadngal alongside TV host Suzi Entrata-Abrera and lifestyle blogger Jackie Go serves as an ambassador of the campaign for children’s health.

Jolina also admitted that she is “praning” (a worrier) and a doting mother who always wants to know what is happening to Pele, most especially when he is sick. To fulfill this self-imposed responsibility, the actress often brings her first born to her tapings.

“I’m glad the production staff of my shows understands my situation. I always bring Pele with his playpen and his yaya so I can always check on him, and besides, I breastfeed until now,” Magdangal shared.

But even if she is always near her son, she acknowledges that accidents still do happen. She recalled, “I can’t forget an incident when he got three bukol [lumps]in his head because he fell while learning how to walk on the set. I wasn’t done with my make-up then but we rushed him to the hospital. That’s how praning I was.”

There were also funny incidents like the time she impersonated Manny Pacquaio on Your Face Sounds Familiar and then suddenly, she had to breastfeed Pele. “It was an awkward breastfeeding session but Pele seemed not to bother because he still recognized my voice,” she narrated laughing.

She continued, “It also happened at the taping of Flordeliza when I had to breastfeed him while in character as a cancer-patient with almost no hair.”

According to Magdangal, Pele is a naturally happy baby so she knows when he is sick. “Before, I used to panic a lot and often call Pele’s pediatrician at a slightest sign of fever, but now, I’m beginning to learn how to cope with the situation especially when I agreed to be a Go Ginhawa Mom ambassador. I learned a lot from this experience,” she explained.

The celebrity mom also consults other mothers for parenting tips including her very own mom who attended her famous daughter’s event all the way from Tagaytay even if her scoliosis bothered her for support.

Besides her own mom, she has forged friendships with other celebrity mothers because of her newest real life role. “Kyla’s son and Pele are almost the same age, then my OB was recommended by Juday [Judy Ann Santos]. Now, while doing Your Face, Pele and Melai’s [Cantiveros] daughter became playmates. Then there is also Ate Karla [Estrada, the mother of Daniel Padilla].”

With all her wonderful and joyful stories of Pele, as well as her renewed booming career, Magdangal wants to start a personal blog where she can share with her fans all her experiences in life.

“Eventually, I’ll get to do that,” she crossed her fingers.

For now, the celebrity is happy to be part of the Go Ginhawa Mom campaign as a means to channel her mommy thoughts, and help other women feel more confident about taking care of their little ones.

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