• Jollibee offers clarifications on Aug. 14 news item


    This refers to the August 14, 2014 article written by James Konstantin Galvez titled “Jollibee seeks to import low-tariff chicken products – DA.”

    On behalf of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), I would like to make the following clarifications:

    1. While there was temporary unavailability of some of our menu items including chicken in some stores, this is not connected and has not led JFC to request for importation of chicken that your article reported. We believe DA Undersecretary Jose Reano himself has been quoted in earlier news coverages that this is a separate issue and has nothing to do with the supposed chicken shortage.

    2. As declared previously, JFC has sufficient food supply and raw materials in our local commissary and the temporary unavailability of products was only due to the computer systems upgrade that affected the transfer of these stocks from the commissary to our stores. But even this is being fixed. And we are happy to announce that all our opened stores have their chicken offerings available now.

    3. As part of our long-term business sustainability planning and in anticipation of unforeseen natural calamities such as typhoons, JFC has always been exploring different options to better support the demand for chicken, pork and other products which also includes sourcing under lower-tariff (MAV).

    4. However, to reassure your readers and our customers as well, our chicken is not imported from China and all are locally sourced from accredited suppliers such as San Miguel Foods Corporation, and have passed JFC’s strict quality standards.

    We trust that this brings more clarity to the matters raised in the article.

    Thank you.

    Arline B. Adeva
    PR Director, Jollibee


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