• Joma sees Duterte as Pinoy-version of Hugo Chavez


    rodrigoUTRECHT, The Netherlands: Jose Maria Sison, the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), made himself clear—he did not endorse Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as his preferred next president of the Philippines.

    “But how can I do that when he did not yet declare that he is running for president?” he said laughing, in front of him a cup of brewed coffee sitting cold – untouched – on a long white table, the ‘centerpiece’ inside the office of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) here.

    Sison together with NDFP peace panel chief Luis Jalandoni and NDFP spokesman Fidel Agcaoili recently sat down with the Times for a free-wheeling interview.
    Sison said Duterte has all the characters of a good leader.

    But among the presidential aspirants, the NDFP officials clearly have good things to say about Duterte even as he is yet to declare his presidential bid.

    For Sison, unlike other presidential aspirants, Duterte has the grasp and understanding of the struggles of the Filipino people and the only one who has set a direction on how to address the peace problem in the country.

    “Hindi siya sakim at kilala nya ang mga problema ng Pilipinas (He is not greedy and he knows and understands the problems of the people),” Sison said.

    If he becomes president, Duterte can become the Filipino Hugo Chavez.

    “He has the characters of Hugo Chavez,” said Sison, noting how the late Venezuelan leftist leader who galvanized the development of his country since coming to power in 1999.
    Just like Chavez, Duterte, Sison said, is “dauntless and bold.”

    Jalandoni called Duterte the “most forward” among the candidates.

    “He is only the one who has laid down possible policies that underscore his commitment to peace. He is the most forward of all candidates,” he said.

    He was referring to the earlier declarations of Duterte that he will forge a coalition with the Communist Party of the Philippines to end the 47-year communist rebellion in the Philippines.

    The possibility of a coalition with the previous governments had been proposed by NDFP, but the past administrations spurned this.

    Jalandoni also noted Duterte’s roles in the release of various prisoners of wars in Mindanao and his friendship with slain New People’s Army rebel Leoncio Pitao or Commander Parago.

    Duterte has also repeatedly called for the government and the NDFP to resume the peace negotiations, even offering himself to become a negotiator.

    But Sison also made himself clear that he complimented Duterte, a former student that he could no longer remember, for his type of leadership and distinct character that sets him apart from the others.

    “Pinuri ko siya,” [I praised him]he said.

    The three spoke about the hurdles of the peace process between government and NDFP and the prospects of renewing the negotiations after the 2016 elections – when the Philippines has once again elected a new leader.

    It appears that the NDFP is already resigned to the fact that the Aquino administration is not at all interested to push for the resumption of the peace process.

    They have recognized that presidential aspirants Grace Poe and Jejomar Binay have made statements about their plans to open the talks again, but the NDFP is cautious.

    I asked the NDFP trio if these statements of ‘promises’ from Poe, Binay, and Duterte excite them. They just laughed.

    Connie Ledesma, a member of the NDFP peace panel, interjected from the background.
    “Maybe the question should not be whether the NDFP is excited ,” said the wife of Jalandoni, who was also present at the office, along with Sison’s wife, Julie.

    “Maybe it should be – whether the NDFP has expectations,” she said, a statement that generated laughter.

    “These statements are general statements. There are no details,” pointed out Agcaoili. “As for Duterte, his promises are not coherent.”


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    1. Joma’s revolution has not produced anything but countless dead bodies. He has been wrong all along, and in all of his deeds. He cannot be right on this one. Hugk chavez is a totally different animal.

    2. R. Duterte for sure will become the President of the country if he run for election. I think he is the only hope to ably start a revolution to re-direct the country “for the people” and arrest and imprison the Oligarchs for life. They have taken advantage of the people and destroyed the country’s wealth or natural resources for their own pockets.

      Also it is long overdue to rid the country corrupt politicians (the Tutas of the Oligarchs). Let us start all over without these people and start the way the late Prime Minister Lee Quan Yu developed Singapore into a the envy of Southeast Asian countries.

      The REVOLUTION should be nothing less than a CIVIL WAR for the transition to be effective. Hooray!

    3. R. Duterte for sure will become the President of the country if he run for election. I think he is the only hope to ably start a revolution to re-direct the country “for the people” and arrest and imprison the Oligarchs for life. They have taken advantage of the people and destroyed the country wealth or natural resources for their own pockets.

      The REVOLUTION should be nothing less than a CIVIL WAR for the transition to be effective. Hooray!

    4. I disagree. Being compared to Hugo Chavez is NOT A COMPLIMENT. Look whats happening now in Venezuela after years of nationalizing almost all foreign companies? Prices of basic commodities are spiraling out of control while grocery stores are always out of stocks. His love for the poor is beyond question as evidenced by his government’s “dole-out policy” approach. However, his leadership and management style would not bring his country out from the doldrums. China and Russia tried this system before. It was only when they opened their market to capitalist did favorable economic change occur.

    5. Mayor Duterte is not like Hugo Chavez,Hugo is an idiot look what he did to Venezuela it is a mess.Joma should not be talking politics instead he should be talking peace.

    6. Comparing Dutere with Chavez is something. Many will disagree, but I agree when they said that it seems that the Aquino Administration has given up on the peace agreement. They have different priorities now, which includes making sure that Roxas wins. Sadly, more important things are not prioritized.

    7. I think Duterte is just waiting for this opportunity and to pretend that he is not running , means he will run but we have to be cautious of his evil inside !
      His character is flawed. He declares about his several wives and family and boosts about it. He is far from being a Hugo Chavez.

      Duterte , a human rights Violator and takes the law in his hands with out thinking twice. A dangerous man who talk like he is so righteous all the time.
      There is a lot of Evil lurking around . When Ultimate power is given that is where you will see the danger.

      • Hey, you commented as if your righteous, and as if you know everything
        , ,do you have a better options,

        why not run for president, maybe your the One,,Your isda One!!

    8. the only guarantee of a true leader is having a true convictions towards his/her duty and have great fear in the Lord as his supreme Lord otherwise all will fall.

    9. This is a typical example of minefields that Duterte MUST avoid. Duterte may have a strong hand in Davao but, nationally, Duterte is a ‘babe in the woods’. Left-handed endorsements by people like Jose Maria Sison could be the kiss of death. For a delusional minority, being compared to Hugo Chavez might be a compliment. But, for the majority, that is tantamount to a coup de grâce. Even openly leftist politicians in more developed countries, like Alexis Tsipras of the Greek Syriza party, have tried to distance themselves from being identified with Hugo Chavez, despite their having once praised Chavez for his revolutionary ways.

    10. laguatanlawzen.com on

      It’s only Duterte who can reverse the political, economic and social downtrend of the Philippines because he has the political will and balls to do what he thinks is good for the country. Run Run Run Duterte. Don”t frustrate the high expectations of the people. Please declare now that you are running for President in 2016. Maraming salamat sa sakripisyo mo, Mayor Duterte!!!!

    11. I cannot vote for Duterte, first, he is not yet a candidate, he has not himself declared as one or ultimately he will never file COC, and secondly, if he end up in the ballot and I’ll vote for him, all of us becomes a target, during his term we will all be or many of us will experience the horror in jail, if not we will be among the statistics who were shot or found dead in a slum area or in a dark street corner in a secluded place, within the next six years after the election in 2016. Why, because of our general character as Filipino, our heart is filthy, we are selfish, opportunistic, greedy, corrupt, indulgent on good and beautiful things, we are weak to stand temptation for bad deeds, etc., etc., or meaning myself is bad. While Duterte’s eyes or his administrations agenda were focus to curb all these public maladies under dis idea of revolutionary government through the adoption of Federalism and Jury system, I cannot for sure able to pass the test or I be passing my papers finished or not finished. I am dead. But absolutely for many years of our existence and the governance of past administration”s presidents beginning from the first president, General Emilio Aguinaldo, looking at the state of the Nation they have failed our people for everyone’s heart longings which obviously only Duterte could make it, not Poe, not Roxas and more so with Binay, by now in looking at the great political landscape of the failed Philippine political system, only Duterte or Duterte alone can survived or could make it at the finished line. So, if I’ll vote for him, I’ll take that risk and willing to die for our people and for the sake of many more generations to come.

    12. Malayong mangyari si Duterte ay kagaya ni Hugo Chavez. Hugo loves communism and Duterte does not. Hugo nationalized all the foreign companies in Venezuela during his term but may never happened in our country. I don’t think Duterte will follow FM in running the country. If he does, does this not sound familiar. Marcos did this. Perhaps it’s closer to liken Duterte with Marcos with respect to controlling.

      • Duterte will not nationalized it. He even said he will privatize the Customs, BIR, GSIS, etc.