Jon Santos, Kakai Bautista reunite in new comedy concert


    Julia Roberts may have taught us how to “Eat, Pray, Love” in her 2010 movie about one woman’s soul searching, but if it were up to comedy genius Jon Santos and funny gal Kakai Bautista, it is so much better to “Live, Love, Laugh” instead.

    After the success of their Valentine comedy concert “EJK (Extra Judicial Kidding)” in February, Santos and Bautista will reunite on stage under the direction of Joaquin Valdes for this production on August 12 at the Ceremonial Hall of the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Resorts World Manila.

    Jon Santos

    This time, Santos will touch on the latest social topics, making light of today’s news and “fake news” as well. With his new impersonations of the hottest celebrities today, the comedian’s clever point of view and formula for laughs promises to be the highlight of the show.

    “Before choosing who to impersonate, we look into your worlds—we look at the news, the celebrities you write about,” Santos told reporters at the show’s press conference. “The public after all goes to the media for information, so it is you who give me the idea of what’s in, what’s affecting them, what they care about—you guide us in choosing who to transform to. In fact, I think that it will be a season of heroes. From the tail end of last year, the box office hits are all about super heroes and some others will come soon in movies and television shows.”

    Meanwhile Bautista seeks to surpass her triumph in EJK, with hilarious new numbers and sidesplitting monologues. With her triple threat talent in singing, acting and delivering the punchlines, Bautista shares the spotlight with Santos once again proving this funny duo’s unquestionable chemistry to make a Grade-A comedy show.

    “I know the Filipino audience will appreciate [our show]because we [as a people]always find the funny side even to the most serious situations. We always try to smile and make things brighter and laugh about them. This time, we will give you a new flavor of how comedy should be in this day and age,” Bautista shared.

    Another highlight that sets Live, Love Laugh apart from EJK is director Valdes’ inclusion of the hilarious comedy group ISPRIKITIK Improv.

    Kakai Bautista

    Making waves in the local comedy circuit, ISPRIKITIK Improv is comprised of musicians, actors, singers, composers and dancers who decided to embark on the journey of improvisational comedy. Through scenes, games, and musical performances, the group reaps laughter through their quick-witted comedy style.

    With all these components, Live, Love, Laugh hopes to be an original production to momentarily relieve people from the stresses of daily living. With fresh material from three of the most talked about comedy acts in the country today, the comedy concert is set to prove that fun-loving Filipinos really see the sunny side in everything.

    “Recently, we’ve all been discouraged and disconnected even in social media. We’re divided on issues. We like to play EverWing rather than meet up for a coffee. We all have our own isolated little lives, so it’s nice to physically come together under one roof and to be reunited again in laughter,” ended Valdes.

    Live Love, Laugh has a matinee and evening show on August 12 and is presented by Resorts World Manila in cooperation with Ultimate Shows, Inc. Tickets are available at the Resorts World Manila Box Office and all TicketWorld outlets.


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