Journalists’ training program launched


The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) and the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF), on Monday launched Data Journalism PH 2015—a training program for journalists and citizen media in producing high-quality, data-driven stories to produce compelling investigative stories.

Data Journalism PH 2015 will train journalists on the tools and techniques required to gain and communicate insight from public data, including web scraping, database analysis and interactive visualization.

“This project is a training program. We want to share with the community exactly where they can really get stories to be used by the Philippine media,” said Malou Mangahas, executive director of PCIJ.

Government and multilateral agencies have published large amounts of data such as the government’s recently launched Open Data platform, It generally consolidates the datasets of different government agencies, allowing users to find specific information from a rich and continuously growing collection of public datasets.

“People can see government transaction and track the movement of crucial resources. Questions such as “where does my tax go?” and “what is the government doing?” will become answerable through Open Data. Open Data is not just a website, it’s a movement.” Budget Undersecretary Bon Moya said.

“Open Data is a relatively new concept, we are working towards developing the incapacity of data management” he added.


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