Joyce Herrera-Wong holds first solo exhibit


This October, ArtistSpace presents “Nature’s Symphony,” the solo exhibition of visual artist and philanthropist Joyce Herrera-Wong, a showcase of works that reflect her appreciation of nature not only in full color, but also from the gaze of someone who looks upon it with youthful vibrancy. The collection pays tribute to nature’s inherent perfection, even as it plays around with its colors, bringing upon it an imagination that is almost childlike.

Herrera-Wong’s art exposure is diverse. She took up Chinese watercolor painting in 1986 while her family was based in Taiwan and Classical Realism in 2007 upon moving to Hong Kong. With a growing passion for the genre, she took further studies of Plein Air painting from esteemed and multi- awarded visual artists Marcia Burtt in California and Phil Starke in New York apart from receiving art training from Buds Convocar, long-time President of the Saturday Art Group of Artists in Manila.

‘Nature’s Symphony’ pays tribute to nature’s inherent perfection

‘Nature’s Symphony’ pays tribute to nature’s inherent perfection

She has joined countless group shows both locally and elsewhere in the world with the goal of raising funds for charitable organizations such as Gawad Kalinga and Kids International Ministry. Joyce is one of the founders and is former President of Pintura Circle, an art-for-charity group based in Hong Kong. Last year, her works were showcased in a three-woman show at the Philippine Center Art Gallery in New York City.

In this first solo exhibition Herrera-Wong reveals these various influences to her artistry. Under her paintbrush, nature is depicted in pixel perfect intricacy, with landscapes and seascapes composed in solid symmetry and hues that capture the vibrancy of nature at a specific time of day, an effort at recreating the artist’s first hand impressions of vistas she’s seen herself. The impressions are of course imbued with her own imagination of these spaces, her own gaze seeing a livelier display of color and energy than what might actually be there.
In her commitment to contribute to the betterment of society through her art, Herrera-Wong is donating all proceeds of the exhibit to the New Punlaan School, a school in San Juan, Metro Manila, that provides underprivileged young women with livelihood and employment skills, towards alleviating them from poverty.

“Nature’s Symphony” opens on October 6 at 6 p.m., and runs until October 19. ArtistSpace is at the Ground Level, Ayala Museum Annex, Greenbelt Park, Makati City. ***


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