Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile chats with President Rodrigo Duterte whom he visited in Malacañang on Wednesday. The former lawmaker gave the President advice on several issues, including national security, illegal drugs, the campaign against terrorism and the suspended peace talks with the Communist Party of he Philippines/National Democratic Front. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO


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  1. Juan Ponce Enrile gave political adviseto Duterte on various issues including National Security of which he is very expriencd. I surmise Enrle might cajol and push Duterte to put the country under Martial Law on the pretex tha Duterte needs iron fist to fight is ar on drugs. In the process, Enrile might even encourage Duterte to file a crimnal case against Noynoy Aquino on Mamasapano carnage and weaen the case against him on PDAP case as a leverge Enrle a slick and wise politician who gets loose on a tight corner and come out unscathe is again playing his wily trick on Duterte. Duterte who idolized strong man and dictator like Marcos and Enrile as mlitary adminitrator of martial law might bite Enrile’s hook, line and sinker. This tandem will surely be bad for the country.