• ‘JPE can ruin Aquino’


    Osmeña: New Mamasapano probe may hurt President

    Evidence to be presented by Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile when the Senate reopens its investigation of the Mamasapano massacre may ruin the legacy of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, Sen. Sergio “Serge” Osmeña 3rd said on Tuesday.

    Enrile had said he has evidence to prove that Aquino allowed 44 police commandos to die almost a year ago.

    “I think that if Manong [Big Brother] Johnny [Enrile’s nickname] can prove that, it will definitely hurt the President,” Osmeña said.

    “Manong Johnny was ominous when he made that statement that he has new evidence. It will hurt PNoy [Aquino],” he added.

    The senator said Enrile’s evidence may even lead to the filing of charges against Aquino when he steps down from office in June this year.

    “Johnny cares to hurt PNoy. Maybe to put PNoy in the stockade,” Osmeña added.

    Enrile, during the Monday session, confirmed that he has evidence to prove that Aquino did nothing to save the lives of the Special Action Force members who were killed by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and other private armed groups while carrying out an operation in Mamasapano, Maguindano.

    The minority leader took the floor on Monday and said Aquino actively involved himself in planning and preparation for Oplan Exodus, a police operation launched to capture suspected terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan.

    Enrile said there are witnesses who want to participate in the hearing but he advised them not to.

    But Osmena noted that the President need not attend the Senate investigation that will start on January 27 although there is no stopping Aquino from participating in the hearing through a video conference to answer questions that will be asked during the proceedings.

    “I think because of the dignity of his [Aquino] office, we don’t want him to be subjected to that,” the senator said.

    Enrile refused to disclose the evidence that he is holding, saying the people should wait for the investigation.

    The senator was jailed for more than a year for plunder.

    He was accused of getting millions of pesos in kickbacks from the alleged misuse of his Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel.

    Enrile regained his temporary liberty after the Supreme Court allowed him to post bail for humanitarian reasons.

    In the dark

    The police general who headed the Philippine National Police-Board of Inquiry (PNP-BOI) that also investigated the Mamasapano massacre is also clueless on the new evidence being claimed by Enrile.

    Director Benjamin Magalong, who was director of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) when the board was set up, told The Manila Times that he himself is eager to know the nature of Enrile’s revelations.

    “I really have no idea on the new evidence,” said the police official, who had since been transferred to another post after submitting his report on the carnage that happened on January 25, 2015 in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province.

    Magalong added that if he is invited again to appear before the Senate on January 27, he would have nothing new to say.

    “I have nothing new to reveal. I stand by our report,” he said.

    The Special Action Force (SAF) police commandos were deployed to get terrorists Marwan and Basit Usman.

    Marwan died during the dawn raid while Usman was killed in May.

    The Board of Inquiry report indicated that Aquino bypassed the chain of command of the Philippine National Police when he allowed his friend, former PNP chief Alan Purisima, to implement Oplan Exodus.

    Purisima was under preventive suspension when the mission was carried out.
    The board was activated on February 2, 2015, days after the January 25 carnage.

    The report contained more than 300 signed affidavits of SAF members, military officials, witnesses and other civilians who provided information on the firefight.

    Meanwhile, in Malacañang, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. belied Enrile’s accusation that the President “did nothing to save the lives of the then-embattled policemen.”

    Coloma said in a news briefing that the President said he did what he had to do as Commander-in-Chief.

    Enrile maintained that he has evidence to prove that Aquino was “actively and directly” involved in the botched operation under Purisima’s brainchild, Oplan Exodus.

    Coloma said government officials will respond to all of Enrile’s queries during the hearing.


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    1. jaime sta isabel on

      If Pnoy lies to the citizenry that he has no part of that SAF 44 massacre, he deserves to be in jail like the three senatongs.

    2. i hope you walk your talk sen. tanda. for this country’s self imposed sickness of being color blind, i hope you show us the cancer that the yellow cult for what it really is. i hope you redeem yourself, and become a hero again like when you and fvr turned against makoy sr.

    3. Mirio, how can you choose to moved on? When thier`s is a unsolved crime and the highest most powerfull Pres. is involved. It`s just Because he is your loved Pres.? see no evil.

    4. I think some evidence were hidden during the first inquiry under Grace Poe. Besides most of military and police officers were under threat from Roxas and Gazmin. Now they are about to go on June 30 they are are now coming out to talk. It is better now because Pnoy is still the president and he can not claim political persecution.

      • Felix Servidad on

        Exactly! and besides Poe did very careful not to question Pnoy
        seriously in other words lutong macao, hoping she will be anointed by Pnoy in this coming presidential election as for president. Now that Enrile has a new evidence to support that Pnoy indeed did nothing to saved the SAF 44 that’s another story and that’s the end of the road for Pnoy, unless Poe and Pnoy cohorts come again to rescue.

    5. The whole world is watching us, that Philippine politics is at work. I wonder what is the motive of Enrile on re-investigating this tragedy and what he is trying to achieve. Our beloved country needs to move-on and should take care more important issues than this one. If we, as a nation, keep on electing crook and incompetent politicians, we can never get out of the hole that we are in now. I would like to add that even the Catholic Church through CBCP are also campaigning, or trying to ruin the good reputation of PNoy. What happened to the separation of State and Religion?

      • What good reputation? Even his mother would be ashamed to claim him as her son for allowing the SAF 44 to be massacred!

      • The CBCP and all of us are not ruining the reputation of Pnoy. He, himself ruined himself with his appointees.

      • How can a country move on when there is no justice ? If one of these SAF 44 is your brother or your father, will you not ask who is at fault ? Pinoy does not have a good reputation unless you are blind. Pinoy reputation is gutter deep. He will leave his presidency with mud on his face . He deserves this and more.

      • Good reputation?my foot.You’re just being blind and scared that your incompetent beloved president will go to jail for the longest time.

    6. The whole Philippines mourned during this bloody,animalistic,slaughtery way of killing to those #SAF44 victims.I cried a river and couldn’t forgive this Aquino for what he had done.No matter what he say..he will never regain my trust and will forever hate this “pinakatangang presidente sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas” as one of a celebrity quoted.
      I hope and pray that the victims will fine justice and eventually pay for the person responsible for their tragic death.

    7. Amado P. Salvador on

      If indeed Sen J. P. ENRILE has new evidence on the infamous Mamasapano Carnage, then let him present them. The NATION deserves to know the truth.

    8. This is nothing new i said it all along that coward P-NOY abandoned and betrayed the the SAF commandos in favor of the terrorist MILF.P-NOY and the rest of the peace panel should all be charge of treason.

    9. Aquino really distanced himself from the death of 44 SAF members by building a firewall. Purisima was that firewall . Subordinate generals like Napenas were made as scapegoats.The action of Pnoy is reflective of his passive role during the Luneta Hostage taking that caused the death of HK tourists.The dictum the “the buck stops here” does not apply to him as president or commander-in-chief. This guy is not only insensitive but out-of-touch with reality.He makes himself immune from criticism!

    10. Well, Enrile had been detained for a year and what do you expect? Revenge!!!. Can you imagine a politician like Enrile who is considered untouchable and been chargd and detained for pluder. Even past presidents can not do that for fear of retaliation. Between Aquino and Enrile, I would go for the lesser evil.

    11. El Cid Fajardo on

      As a brillant lawyer, Sen. Enrile knows evidence when he sees it, he is staking his reputation when he says he can prove pnoy’s direct participation and liability for the slaughter of the SAF44, thus, i do not think that is an empty threat.