• Judah as Floyd’s spar mate not a problem for Manny – Koncz


    pakyaw20150309The training of eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is on track.

    According to long time adviser Mike Koncz, the Pacquiao camp is unfazed by unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s move to hire southpaw Zab Judah as his sparring partner.

    “We don’t care about it,” Koncz told The Manila Times in a phone interview. “Nobody in this world can do what Manny [Pacquiao] does inside the ring. Zab Judah is a southpaw just like Manny, but he can’t be like Manny in many ways that’s why we’re not bothered.”

    Last week, Mayweather tapped the two-division former world champion Judah (42-9 record with 29 knockouts) to be part of the undefeated American’s training camp.

    Judah and Mayweather fought in 2006 in Las Vegas with the latter pulling off a unanimous decision win.

    Koncz remained calm and apparently unperturbed, describing Pacquiao’s first week of training with assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez and strength and conditioning coach Justine Fortune as spectacular.

    “Everything is fine and great. That’s what all I can say. I don’t want to act rude with somebody but we lockout Manny’s training and I can’t discuss anything more to you about it. I know you people will understand it,” he said.

    Mayweather, the reigning World Boxing Council and Super World Boxing Association welterweight champion who holds a 47-0 win-loss record with 26 knockouts, will fight Pacquiao (57-5-2 record with 38 knockouts) on May 2 in a mega bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Koncz also said that Pacquiao’s long time trainer Freddie Roach will arrive early this week from Macau.

    Roach, according to reports, hired Kenneth Simms Jr. and Rashidi Ellis as Pacquiao’s spar mates.


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    1. everybody saw how mayweather fights like a turtle. But is a turtle-like tricks bothers pacquiao? I dont think so. We’ll see how a turtle unable to come out his head on May2.

    2. I’m sorry to inform you guys that this coming May 2 will be the time where “Money” could not sleep because of his first-ever defeat experience in the hands of a man highly favored by the Creator. AMBOY

    3. My god what are you all making such a fuss about. Its 2 guys traing for a fight. Now its well known you try to get sparring with someone similar to your opponent. Its no big deal. Is floyd worried who manny will use as a sparring partner, no of course he isnt.
      Lets just get them in there & see who is the best fighter. What manny has against him is in the last 4 years he has fought guys not that good & now he will be fighting the worlds best welterweight & light middleweight.
      Im sorry manny but i think this is your last fight & your going out with a loss.

      • Alfredo Bernardo on

        Everything will be decided in the ring. The fast and furious prevails. Not, the one who keeps on ducking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You must be a fortune teller predicting a pac loss. If you are so sure about it, bet some money on ployd. Last time I checked he is still the 3:1 favorite.

      • uhuh here we go again…Floydie flashing….. his sparring partner…so what if its Zab Judah???…the problem with Money May is that he is showing-off…. unmindful that his half slips is about to fall…ow..come=on Pretty Boy Floyd …Manny PACQUAIO is Unperturbed on What You are doing for the reasons that he is so busy with his own training ,,. perhaps what you can do is to also concentrate to your own training else it will be a goodbye to your own mark of Zero… as what Manny Pacquiao had said don’t be a Humbug….

      • Thank God, finally someone commenting with common sense besides me. Most of the people writing these articles have nothing else to right so they not pick on stupid stuff to have something to write about. I agree with everything you said including PAC taking another loss.

    4. Majority of those watching this fight and wanting this fight to happens on May 2 want to see Mayweather get defeated. This is a handwriting on the wall for Mayweather who is clearly the bad guy. Good will triumph over evil…as always.