• Juday and Piolo on working together again

     Judy Ann Santos

    Judy Ann Santos

    It’s been a while since the public last saw former onscreen partners Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual together in one event. When they finally did for a joint endorsement, you can imagine the excitement that filled the air.

    The stars of the 2006 blockbuster film Don’t Give Up On Us were reunited at the launch of insurance company Sun Life Financial’s “Money for Life” campaign, which was held on neutral ground at the two artists’ home network in ABS-CBN.

    In separate interviews, Santos and Pascual likewise expressed their excitement on seeing each other again.

    “It’s great. Both of us were laughing just like the old times. Nothing has changed. Juday and I have been friends more than half our lives so whenever we see each other it’s just like before,” Piolo related.

    “We’re OK…She’s been busy with family but I’m excited Sunlife got her to be part of the team so at least we get to work together again. Maybe the next time, we’ll get to do a movie as well,” the 39-year-old actor added.

    Pascual also patiently addressed a persistent issue that he and Santos have had an ongoing rift. He clarified that there was no bad blood between them.

    “We’ve always been ok. If ever there was a problem before, we were able to address and talk about it because of course, it’s not good to just forget all of the things you’ve done together. But Juday and I have always been OK,” he insisted.

    Giving her side of the story, Santos said in a separate interview that her relationship with Pascual is fine.

    “Piolo and I are OK, we greet whenever we bump into each other. It was just funny because people sort of felt that we quarreled. No we didn’t. We greet each other, we’re older now and we’re more mature,” Santos explained.

    “Maybe the time that we weren’t able to work together is a big factor and it so it’s like a big event for them when they see us together,” she added.

    The two also expressed their willingness to do an acting project again soon.
    “Movies maybe, but not a teleserye [because it’s hard schedulewise]. I actually pitched [a concept]to her through Direk Joyce (Bernal)— I heard she liked it so we’ll wait for the right timing’,” Pascual shared.

    For Santos’ part, she added, “I always say that nothing is impossible. Every time I have a press con, Piolo’s name will always be included in the questions, so yes in time we will work together again. Nothing is impossible as long as we will be given the opportunity, the right story, and everything will work out smoothly.”

    Pascual admitted and acknowledged as he has always done that Santos helped him get to where his career is today.

    “She’s a big part of my career and we did a lot of movies and TV shows together so the debt of gratitude is there for Juday, and seeing her today is great because she’s still active in the business and so am I,” he elaborated.

    Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual

    Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual

    On the other hand, Santos who was away from the spotlight after having another child with husband Ryan Agoncillo said there she still gets jitters whenever she faces the media after a long tme.

    “Of course, it’s always good to be back. It’s always a good feeling to be back. I miss this but at the same time I’m nervous to face the press again. This is me not being confident with my physical appearance, but then again I’m just happy to see familiar faces,” she opened up.

    Sharing updates about baby Luna, the third among her children Yohan and Lucho, “She’s six months now and a lot bigger. She’s very adorable. It also feels good to stay home because you see all of her milestones.”

    On the other hand, Pascual also came to the event from a two-month vacation from showbiz. He shared took up a short-term course on Apologetics in Oxford University in England.

    “I studied Apologetics abroad. It’s all about defending your faith, knowing where you stand as you walk in your faith. I think it’s important that you know the answers to all the questions around us. I am glad because I was able to learn more and acquire more knowledge about Christianity. I was with Jodi (Sta.Maria), Hayden (Kho) and Dr. (Vicky) Belo (Vicky Belo),” Pascual related.

    “I became a regular person during that leave so it’s a little hard to get back to the old grind like this. In two months I was able to at least get a lot of rest and spend time with my family and relax,” he concluded.


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