Judicial reform shifts into high gear in Taiwan


Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said recently all government agencies involved in judicial reform have been instructed to communicate the latest developments so as to keep the public fully informed as the process moves into the next stage. “Key reform issues must be explained in language understandable to the people so there is a clear grasp of the process,” Tsai said. For issues on which there is a high level of public consensus, agencies must fast-track implementation of measures to meet the expectations of the people before the national congress takes place in the middle of the year, she added.Main issues include: the need to better protect the rights of victims of crime and the disadvantaged, with focuses like maintaining secrecy of investigation; promoting a credible, fair and professional judicial system; judicial accountability and efficiency where efforts will be directed at raising the standard of self-monitoring, improving the existing mechanism for eliminating inefficient judicial officers, reinforcing external assessment and supervision, and strengthening professional ethics and social responsibilities of lawyers; promoting judicial transparency and public participation, with attention centered on enhancing communication and dialogue between the judicial system and the people; and maintaining social security.

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