• Why Judy Ann approves of TV time


    Judy Ann Santos with husband Ryan Agoncillo and children Johanna, Lucho and Lucia INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    While some parents avoid TV time for their children like a plague, award-winning actress and mom-of-three Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo approves of this debated habit with a catch— Johanna, Lucho and Lucia must be with their parents when they watch television.

    In doing so, Santos believes that watching television together plays an important role in building stronger family relationships.

    Not surprisingly, the actress and her actor-host husband Ryan have delegated Friday nights as the family’s official TV time. Regardless of their hectic schedule, the couple blocks off their Friday nights to be with their children.

    “We bond a lot in front of the TV, especially when it’s Friday night because the kids don’t have classes the next day and they don’t have tutorials. They are allowed to sleep a little bit late and enjoy what they want to watch as long as Ryan and I are with them,” the actress shared.

    Additionally, the actress also revealed that among the TV shows that she encourages her children to watch are Filpino shows, especially educational shows like the Kim Atienza-hosted Matanglawin so her kids can learn how to speak the vernacular fluently.

    Matanglawin airs on ABS-CBN HD on SKYdirect, SKY Cable Corporation direct-to-home pay TV service.

    Given her sound decisions in TV viewing for her family, Santos has been christened SKYdirect’s latest ambassador, believed by the company to be very effective in helping fellow parents plot out viewing habits in the home.

    For Santos, one of the biggest advantages of watching TV with children is that the kids are given the opportunity to direct questions to their parents when something they don’t understand or simply finds interesting comes up.

    “The kids are very open to us when it comes to asking questions when we watch TV. When they see something that they don’t understand, they ask questions and we, as parents have to answer them honestly and accurately,” the 38-year old said.

    In effect, Santos-Agoncillo said they get to understand their children better.

    “We love that they ask us questions because the children are honest and open and we discover their interests, so it helps us determine what programs to encourage them to watch,” she finally noted.


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