Juico calls for reassessment of PE and sports


Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA) President Philip Ella Juico said the Philippine sports system needs a period of consolidation until 2022 to achieve its ultimate aim.

“The realistic balance between mass-based and elite sports (with focus on selected sports) has to be agreed upon or else we will continually be muddling through while our neighbors, heretofore, years behind us, continue to leave us behind,” Juico said in a statement on Monday.

Juico said the ultimate aim is to promote the participation of all Filipinos in sports and wellness activities.

Juico, who was tapped as consultant and resource person for the updating of the Philippine Sports Master Plan, added that the program must include opportunities for specially gifted and talented athletes to achieve their maximum potential.

“[It should have a] progress being made in the short terms but more importantly setting the platform for significant gains in the future. It must be noted in the new planning period of 2016 to 2022,” he said.

Within the six-year period, there will be three Southeast Asian Games (2017, 2019, 2021), two Asian Games (2018, 2022) and one summer Olympics (2020).

Juico said the “patch work” or band-aid” approach should be avoided since it was proven ineffective by the Philippines’ a lackluster performance in international competitions.

“Programs and coordinating mechanisms that have found themselves in laws and orders should be made operable and functional. Establishing mechanisms to meet policy priorities is not the goal. Rather, the goal is getting those mechanisms to work efficiently and effectively,” Juico said.

Part of the plan is to reassess the Physical Education system – the miniscule hours devoted to it and to the way it is taught.

Juico’s recommendations will be presented to the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) today during the consultation meeting on the updating of Philippine Sports Master Plan and resuscitation of the Philippine Institute of Sports.

PATAFA Marketing and Communications Director Edward Kho and Perry Mequi will represent Juico, who is still recuperating from an illness, in the meeting.

The PSC will have a consultative meeting on the matter with stakeholders on September 1 and 2.


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