Juico elected Asian Athletics VP



PHILIPPINE Amateur Track and Field Athletic Association president Philip Ella Juico was elected as one of the five vice presidents of the Asian Athletic Association (AAA).

Juico confirmed his election following a meeting held yesterday in Wuhan, China during the ongoing 21st Asian Athletics Championships 2015.

“I’m the newest kid on the block. The other members of the board have been there for a long time. It’s time for new blood, new ideas coming from experienced professional managers with substantial experience in government, sports, corporate life and development work,” said Juico, who is also a former Chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission and a cabinet member (Agrarian Reform) of the administration of President Corazon Aquino.

“By being active in the AAA, we will be in a better position to lobby for more outside, non-government assistance for athletics’ development. If we produce results as a Vice President, our country will stand to benefit,” explained Juico. “You could say coming close on the heels of the SEA Games, the country scored a victory in the 21st congress of the AAA through my election.”

Dahlan Al-Hamad of Qatar was unanimously elected as the President of Asian Athletics Association for the period of 2015-2019.

Du Zhaocai of China was elected unopposed to the post of Senior Vice President.

On the other hand, Ruqaya Manssor Ebrahim Al-Ghasara of Bahrain and Mala Sakonhninhom of Laos were elected as women’s representatives to the council.

The other five VPs voted were Lalit Bhanot (India), Talib F. Al-Saffar (Iraq), Alexey Kondrat (Kazakhstan) and Suhail Al-Zawawi (Saudi Arabia).

Other members of the council are Saad Al-Hiasat (Jordan), Mohammad Jumah (Kuwait), Karim Ibrahim (Malaysia), Muhammad Akram Sahi (Pakistan), W. Palitha Fernando (Sri Lanka), Ching Cheng Wang (Taiwan), Nasser Sultan A.S. AL-Maamari (United Arab Emirates) and Hoang Manh Cuong (Vietnam).

Juico said he considers this as a big break for the Philippines since Gov. Jose Sering led the formation of the Asian association in 1973.

“This is the first time in many years that the Philippines is back in the mainstream of international athletics,” said Juico. “I will push for the AAA’s support for the creation of the ASEAN Athletics Integration, which mimics the ASEAN Economic Integration using the ASEAN as one athletic development platform with each country assigned a specific role to play like championing and/or being the center of excellence for a particular athletics event/discipline.”


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