Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia’s unexpected love team success


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Everyone knows that mounting an effective love team is not an easy task what with today’s countless and beautiful young stars. But the Julia Barretto-Joshua Garcia tandem—‘JoshLia’ to their fans—seem to have clicked without much struggle.

This, despite the fact that that Barretto and Garcia are worlds apart in both background and career paths.

Barretto, of course, comes from a popular showbiz clan. She is the first born of actors Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto, while Garcia was a regular teenager from Batangas when he joined Pinoy Big Brother: All In in 2014.

Although they each had respective projects on TV in the last couple of years, they were deemed underrated because of the tight competition among existing love teams.

Thankfully, their career paths changed — and merged — in December 2016 when they starred, along with Ronnie Alonte, in the Metro Manila Film Festival topgrosser, Vince & Kath & James.

Since then, JoshLia has received overwhelming support from their equally young audience, opening numerous shows and endorsements for the pair. And while Barretto is currently paired with Alonte in the ongoing primetime drama A Love To Last, she and Garcia gained more compelling feedback following their acting stint in Maalaala Mo Kaya in February. Social media went crazy over their episode.

When The Manila Times caught up with the young stars at the launch of their newest commercial as endorsers of Jollibee Yum Burger, Barretto and Garcia tried to figure out how their love team quickly became a success.

“There are things that are really out of our control but there are certain things that we can control. Gaining the fans just happens but what Joshua and I can do is to keep on thanking people who support—for me be it with Ronnie or Joshua. We can only hope they don’t give up on us on this crazy journey, and this crazy adventure,” the 20-year-old showbiz princess enthused.

The viral video of the two slow-dancing at the young actress’ birthday party

According to Garcia, neither of them expected such a reaction to their tandem.

“We didn’t expect this kind of love from the people. We can’t really tell what’s going to happen. We didn’t plan any of this, but we’re just lucky that the movie and our love team did really well,” Garcia said.

“We both waited for this time to come and we can’t believe that it’s here, and it’s nice to share this with him,” agreed Barretto.

The young actress also admitted they had to go through many adjustments to bring out the thrill or “kilig” that audiences look for in screen partners people are looking for.

“I’m so glad that despite all our differences, we find something in common, and we get along and work so well together. There are times when it gets hard but as much as possible, whenever there’s a chance to shine with Joshua, we work very hard on that opportunity and do our best. It’s nice because it’s very balanced, very fair, and together with Ronnie, we’re all friends and that’s what’s important,” she added lengthily.

Breaks and blessings
Barretto acknowledged that teaming up with Garcia has been one of her biggest breaks throughout her 10 years in show business.

“I’d be lying if I denied that. I think everything that’s happening in my life right now is a blessing,” she declared.

The same goes for Garcia, who calls Barretto his “golden girl.” Even as he is predicted to be the next John Lloyd Cruz for his acting abilities, he believes he would not have shown what he can do without Barretto.

“There are times that an artist doesn’t have the opportunity to share his talent just because of the lack of projects. But ever since Julia came into my life, the projects just kept coming! That’s why I call her my ‘golden girl’ and I’m just really happy to have all these blessings, a big part is being with her,” the 19-year-old young actor said.

Beside Garcia, Barretto is also paired with Ronnie Alonte (rightmost)

Nowadays, the pair’s chemistry is documented even off-screen via social media. From their sweet Twitter exchanges to their viral video slow-dancing at Barretto’s birthday party, they are indeed one of the most influential love teams in showbiz.

A Twitter user shared how her 13-year-old cousin from Cagayan Valley is fighting Stage 3 cancer by waking up every day just to watch Barretto and Garcia’s online videos. The young stars were deeply touched when they learned about the brave girl.

“I was so happy after I read that because that girl is the reason why we keep doing what we do to inspire people that we get to inspire people,” Garcia enthused.

“It’s so nice to be their reason to wake up everyday. I hope we continue to be an inspiration to a lot of people in our own little ways, and as much as we can, we want to be good examples to the young,” Barretto expressed.

JoshLia then ended the interview on a high note as they announced they are soon to star in a new movie together.


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