Julia Montes faces her beauty issue

Julia Montes

Julia Montes

Just because she is a star doesn’t mean that she has no imperfections. Star Magic’s talent and one of ABS-CBN’s television princesses Julia Montes revealed she has always been dissatisfied with the shape of her face. She deemed it too rounded, adding pounds on her screen appearance and often affecting her confidence.

Facing her beauty issue, she sought the expertise of Belo Medical Group, which recommended she enroll it their new Face Out Fat treatment, which achieves a slimmer face in a non-invasive procedure.

She recalled, “As soon as Dr. Vicki Belo gave me this option, I was very happy to really explore the idea of doing it. It addressed my concern quite specifically and I knew that by doing it, I will have more confidence to do my job.”

Belo explained that Face Out Fat involves facial slimming procedures involve the use of Botox Masseter, Exilis for the face and Ulthera. “The great thing about these procedures is that they give very noticeable results. Many of these procedures are quick and you can resume your daily routines in a few minutes. It’s the best option for busy individuals like Julia who can’t afford to go through a long recovery period,” she said.

Happy with the results of her slimmer face, Julia had no second thoughts about gracing Belo’s next wave of billboards.

“If it can help others gain more confidence like I did, why not?” she ended.


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