Julia Montes: ‘I’m not switching networks after ‘Doble Kara’’


A year and a half since it premiered in August 2015, Doble Kara has become a huge part of the Filipino viewer’s afternoon habit what with its thrilling and heart wrenching scenes that buoyed the show high up the ratings.

Lead actress Julia Montes said she is overwhelmed how long the series had lasted, and considers it one of the biggest blessings of her career.

“We didn’t not expect to be on air as long as this because before we started—when they told me that I would play the role of twins—I was really nervous how viewers will find my two characters to be, and if I would play them effectively. So I’m thankful to all our directors for the workshops, and all the help they gave so I could show the differences and similarities of Kara and Sara.”

Julia Montes

She added, “I’m also thankful to the writers who were very clear on the direction of the story. I played the roles with their guidance and it made everything easy.”

Due to its success—beating out the slew of afternoon series from competing network—Montes was given the title “Daytime Drama Queen.”

“I was kind of pressured that people gave me a title like that but I’m just blessed they gave me this kind of work. They trusted me from the very start. I did not expect it. Like what I usually say, whatever I pray and ask for from the Lord, He gives it to me ten times more than what I hoped for,” Montes shared.

“I don’t mind to be put in whatever time slot. Whether in the morning, afternoon or even midnight it is okay as long as I get to work on something people support. It also feels good whenever the audience are enjoying it and then they became the part of the story,” the 21-year-old actress added.

Although Doble Kara is nearing its goodbye, Montes assured that she will not transfer to another network and will do another show despite the rumors that she was offered to join her home studio’s rival.

“Hopefully I can announce as soon as possible the things that are in store for me after this show. Personally I am excited for this because this is all new me, not just the dual role but physically and emotionally. It’s another dream come true when it comes to the team and the cast, so I hope it will push through,” she said.

Meanwhile, when asked if she is open to guest in Coco Martin’s primetime show Ang Probinsyano, “That will not come from me. I don’t know. But yes, if I can join and guest why not, let’s see,” Montes shared.

The cast and crew of ‘Doble Kara’

More explosive surprises are coming viewers’ way as Alex (Maxene Magalona) puts all her evil plans to work against Sara and Kara and Lucille (Carmina Villarroel) returns to their lives as the series nears its much-awaited finale on February 10,

Will Alex and Lucille connive against the twins? Who else will risk their lives to protect their family? Can Kara and Sara be able to protect their families from harm?

Also included in the cast of Doble Kara are Sam Milby, Edgar Allan Guzman, Mylene Dizon, Allen Dizon, Rayver Cruz, Mickey Ferriols, Alicia Alonzo, Anjo Damiles, John Lapuz, Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad, Polo Ravales, and Patricia Javier.


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