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    sanjose20160723Singer openly talks about new album, rumored beau

    Achieving success could be a difficult one because it may require a lot of hard work, patience and courage. At 22, Julie Anne San Jose had had to overcome hurdles in her journey before being tagged as “Asia’s Pop Sweetheart.”

    According to the GMA star, two things make her feel at her worst but said she uses both of them as an inspiration to do better to advance her singing career. She added that she even uses those experiences in writing her own songs.

    “There are two memories that drag me to my lowest point, one is when people try to bring me down, as if I did not do anything right, especially when I was just starting out. Of course you cannot please them, but for me I am just doing my job,” San Jose told the media during an interview.

    “I take it as a challenge and I am just thrilled to do better and I always believe that I can do better,” she said.

    Despite people’s doubts on her capabilities since she started her career in 2005, San Jose proved them all wrong when she received the “Diamond Record Award” from the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. This was for her album Julie Anne San Jose  that sold more than 150,000 units. Her second album, entitled Deeper, also gave her a Triple Platinum Award for reaching sales of more than 45,000 units in the country.

    Another thing that makes her sullen is the memory of her father disapproving of her participation in the television singing competition Popstar Kids, where eventually she became a finalist.

    “Papa wouldn’t allow me to join Popstar Kids  because he didn’t like showbiz, maybe because I was still little then, I think 12 or 13 years old. He told me to not pursue it because it might ruin my time for school and family. I was just starting out then, so our expenses were bigger than the income I got from the competition,” the young singer said.

    “But then, he eventually agreed right after he saw that I really loved what I was doing, because I am really passionate about music, I am passionate about my singing. Before, I was just singing in a choir at the church but when I joined the competition, it became my platform to share with others what I could do. I wanted to inspire people,” San Jose added.

    Fruits of perseverance
    To prove her father wrong, San Jose decided to pursue her studies despite the pressure from her career.

    Her efforts did not go to waste, as she was able to graduate last May with a degree in Communication Arts.

    She said she is planning to take a master’s degree next year in the same school while teaching Theater Arts.

    Adding to her recent achievements, she was able to release her third album under GMA Records, Chasing The Light.

    The album’s carrier single “Naririnig Mo Ba” — and one of her compositions—topped the iTunes digital sales charts even before the release of the actual album.

    “The song is about faith in love and the hope of falling in love again, which I think anyone can relate to,” San Jose explained.

    Chasing the light
    Still according to the Kapuso singer-actress, her album is closely similar to her recently released EP, or extended play, a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album—Forever.

    “Chasing The Light is more mature in the way my genre evolved. It’s different, because my first two albums with GMA Records were ballads. I think my fans and I are on the same page when it comes to the kind of music I would make. I think they will like the album just how they liked my EPs,” the 22-year old singer explained.

    Her latest album consists of several original songs, and a revival two of which she has written. She also collaborated with international rapper C-Tru.

    Meanwhile, as the interview continued, San Jose was teased about her budding romance with actor Benjamin Alves. The two were reportedly open with their status after exchanging sweet tweets several times.

    “We get along. I am happy with his company, and I think he feels the same too. If ever we’ll go in that path, I think there is no need to rush anything because it is important that you build a good foundation,” she said.

    “I just wanted to be taken seriously. That’s all. It’s also really important that it will be OK with the family, and yes, they are OK with it. They told me that I am at the right age, I’m now a graduate and the timing is now right, so they are not restricting me, wherever I am, I know they will support me,” she added.

    San Jose said she has standards when it comes to giving her sweet ‘yes’ to any suitor.

    “When you enter a relationship, it’s important you get to know him first, it’s important that he has connection with the Lord, God-fearing, has respect for his parents, a man who will understand me and take me seriously,” she ended.


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