Junjun sees Mar’s hands


Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr. has decried the apparent haste with which the suspension order was made, calling it a “special express suspension” that was reminiscent of other instances that he and other members of his family were subjected to such “special treatment.”

“[We really enjoy] special treatment. Special Senate hearing. Special COA [Commission on Audit] audit. Special panel of the Ombudsman. [And now], special express suspension,” he said on Wednesday.

The mayor noted that the action of the Ombudsman was no longer surprising, given that the special panel of investigators includes prosecutors affiliated with the likes of Simeon Marcelo, former Ombudsman and law firm partner of Avelino “Nonong” Cruz.

Binay said they were not only lawyers of Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, but are also known as his “operators.”

He pointed out that the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) led by Roxas was the implementing agency of the suspension order.

The mayor said just like in the Senate, they were not given the chance to properly explain and answer allegations leveled against them.

He vowed to exhaust all legal remedies, and appealed for fair and equal treatment from concerned government agencies.

Binay said he remained hopeful that the courts will remain fair and impartial, even if the Ombudsman has not been so.

“I will exhaust all available remedies. I will continue discharging my duties as mayor until all legal remedies have been respected. While I may belong to the opposition, I am still entitled to my rights like any Filipino citizen,”he added.

The mayor warned residents of Makati that the lies against and unjust persecution of his father and their family will not stop and are expected to even intensify in the coming months as the 2016 elections draw near.

The mayor appealed for sobriety among the residents and expressed confidence in their continued support to his family.

Sen. Nancy Binay, meanwhile, is convinced that the suspension order issued against her brother is part of “Oplan Nognog” and she expects more anti-Binay actions to follow.

Binay, in an interview, admitted that she only got the news about the suspension of his brother from the media and the move will not be good for the Makati residents.


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  1. imbistigahan pa lng po…walang kaso sa corte… ibig sabihin sa damidaming hearing sa senado wala pong ebidensyang nakita…kaya eto na ang kasunod..gamitin na ang ombodsman..!!

    • Malakas nga daw ang ebidensya kaya SINUSPINDE… Engot!

  2. Lets say binay is correct in saying these people are all connected, so what. What on earth has that got to do with evidence. When binay goes to court they have to produce evidence. He cant say i believe he stole this or he said that, they have to produce evidence. Remember cj corona. Its a witch hunt against me. Im an honest man. I serve my country. What he had P180,000,000 in a bank account that he couldnt explain. Oh sorry its my daughters, its her husbands money, ha ha ha ha. Its a joke isnt it.
    Its the same with binay or any other top person getting caught for something in this country, they dont talk about evidence they say its a witch hunt against me, its politically motivated. Wrong its because you are a thief, a liar & are thoroughly corrupt person. Thats why you are being suspended & being taken to court.

  3. Rene L. Canlas on

    Mayor..you can give and explain your side to the proper authorities even you are suspended so why wait and prolong your agony which I’m sure will not be in your favor due to the strong evidence against you and your cohorts. If you think you are not guilty of the charges, stop your gimmick and just wait till you are aquited by the court/s.

  4. di nationalist on

    Hep hep!!! Hurray !!! Sandiganbayan. For the family of the Binays, stop complaining for you have been making excuses not to appear in the senate hearings. Binay said “… I will answer the accusations only in courts…”. Now you have another excuse that you will not step down because of selective justice. Who the hell are you Binays to be above the law of the land? I guess you cannot answer the accusations because it is a common knowledge now that (even the Makati residents) the whole population of the Philippines know of your corruption. Ang KAPAL ng mukha ng mga BINAYS. Hindi nahihiya sa kasinungalingan at di kawalan ng alibis para lang huwag humarap sa husgado.