• Junjun suspended anew

     Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay

    Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay

    2nd Ombudsman suspension links mayor to Science HS anomaly

    HUNDREDS of supporters of the Binay family on Monday thronged the Makati City Hall grounds as the Office of the Ombudsman once again ordered the suspension of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay.

    Many were already at the City Hall compound hours before the Ombudsman’s office made the order public at around 4 p.m. The space leading to the main entrance was packed after the announcement was made as more people came in shortly before a truck-load of policemen arrived purportedly to secure the area. A woman interviewed on radio said they were there to protect their mayor.

    Process servers however, went to Binay’s residence and served the order.

    “Despite efforts to personally serve the 12-page Joint Order, Mayor Binay and his office staff refused to receive a copy of the Joint Order and prevented the process servers to leave the Joint Order in his office.

    The process servers thereupon served a copy of the order in his residence,” a statement from the Ombudsman’s office read.

    Nothing irregular
    The order likewise directed the Department of the Interior and Local Government to implement the order. Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd said the DILG has received a copy of the order and he sees nothing irregular in it.

    “This is a regular order. The Ombudsman regularly sends out suspension order sa DILG. Ipapaubaya ito — kabahagi ito ng regular na trabaho ng DILG na ipataw o i-serve itong suspension orders na ito. So ipinaubaya na lang natin sa DILG NCR or sa regional office ng DILG na siya naman ang SOT (special operations team) ng DILG sakaling may mga order na tulad nito,” Roxas told reporters in Cebu.

    The younger Binay — son of Jejomar Binay who was the city’s mayor since 1986 before his election as vice president in 2010 — was ordered suspended in connection with his supposed involvement in the alleged anomalous construction of the 10-story Makati Science High School building. The project costs P1.2 billion.

    The mayor as well as several city officials are facing graft and other criminal and administrative complaints.

    Also included in the suspension order were: Assistant Department Head II Pio Kenneth Dasal, Department Head II Lorenza Amores, City Accountant III Leonila Querijero, Acting City Accountant Cecilio Lim 3rd, Department Head II Nelia Barlis, Engineering Assistant Norman Flores, Chief Administrative Officer Giovanni Condes, Administrative Officer V Ralph Liberato, Assistant Department Head II Ulysses Orienza, Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat Head Manolito Uyaco, Department Head II Gerardo San Gabriel, Accountant IV Raydes Pestaño, Department Head II Eleno Mendoza Jr., and Department Head II Mario Badillo.

    “Since their respective positions give them access to public records and influence to possible witnesses, and considering the apparent repeated and similar schematic pattern applied in these transactions, respondents’ continued stay in office may prejudice the cases filed against them,” the order read.

    Monday’s order was the second preventive suspension issued by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales against the younger Binay in nearly four months.

    The Ombudsman had issued a similar preventive suspension against Binay in March. The first suspension was spawned by the mayor’s alleged involvement in the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building II. The Binay camp questioned the suspension and managed to secure an injunction from the Court of Appeals.

    Under the Ombudsman Act of 1989, the Ombudsman may preventively suspend any officer or employee pending a probe if it finds that evidence of guilt is strong and when the charge involves dishonesty, oppression or grave misconduct or gross neglect in the performance of duty; the charges would warrant removal from service or; the respondent’s continued stay in office may prejudice the case filed against him.

    Preventive suspension shall not exceed six months, without pay.

    Oppressive maneuvers
    Binay’s political spokesman said the Vice President will not be cowed by Malacanang’s “harassments” against him and his family.

    “In a swift and deliberate reply to the resignation of Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, a suspension order was issued anew against Mayor Junjun Binay by the Office of the Ombudsman,” Rico Quicho said in a statement.

    “This precipitate and unduly harsh action demonstrates the undue haste and priority given to investigations against the Vice President and his family, while pussyfooting on the anomalies perpetrated by Liberal Party and administration allies,” he said.

    “In a level playing field, all these specious and baseless allegations will be dismissed but the field is stacked against perceived political opponents. We do not expect a modicum of fairness from this administration,” Quicho added.

    “We expect more retaliatory and oppressive maneuvers against the Vice President and his family. This is but part of their conspiracy to deny the people the competent and compassionate governance which the Vice President intends to share to the people.”

    ‘Bring it on’
    Malacañang is not backing down from its word war with the Binay camp.

    Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda hit back at Binay, saying the vice president keeps on attacking President Benigno Aquino 3rd because he has yet to disprove accusations that he earned kickbacks from allegedly overpriced projects in Makati.

    “He [Binay] continues to attack the President because he refuses to answer convincingly all allegations of corruption and ill gotten wealth against him,” Lacierda told reporters.

    “We have yet to hear a response other than ‘pulitika lang ‘yan.’ So we say to his camp in dishing out lies against the President – Bring it on,” he added.

    Investigators’ report
    A 26-page report by the Ombudsman’s Field Investigation Office (FIO) recommended the filing of graft and falsification of public documents as well as administrative cases of grave misconduct, dishonesty and violation of code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials against Vice President Binay and his son and 19 other officials.

    Except for the elder Binay and the private respondents in the case which include the project’s contractors, investigators also recommended that the Makati City officials be placed under preventive suspension pending the investigation of the complaint filed by lawyer Renato Bondal.

    The investigators’ report said “there is a showing that respondents mutually aided one another in rigging and pre-arranging, in favor of pre-selected contractors, the procurement and award, including the approval and release of payments thereof” of the P17.3-million deal for the architectural design and engineering services to Infiniti Architectural Works from 2007 to 2008, and six separate construction deals to Hilmarc’s Construction Corporation.

    The contracts awarded to the construction firm Hilmarc’s involved the amounts of P99.63 million, P174.51 million, P149.50 million, P394.14 million, P349.56 million and P165.26 million for phases I to VI, respectively, from 2007 to 2014.



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    1. At this point i would rather see binay elected if he will jail everyone in the Liberal Party who stole the peoples money.
      Justice Dept head De Lima and Aquino have been shielding the Liberal Party senators and house of rep’s members for the past 2 years from charges of graft and plunder of Aquino’s Pork barrel and Dap funds giveaway.

      Billions missing and unaccounted for and no charges being filed.

      Anyone who isn’t retarded can see the selective justice administered by Aquino and his lapdogs.

      What happened to the anti dynasty law ?
      What happened to the Freedom of Information law ?

      The Liberal Party enriched themselves the past 5 years while the country falls apart around them due to a lack of infrastructure, jobs and a living wage.

      The only thing improving is the senators and house members net worth in this country.

    2. they simply say its politics… pera ng bayan ang involved dito.. at kinabukasan ng sambayanang mamayan.
      politics pinakamasamang salita.. lahat nariyan na, ang pagnanakaw sa kaban ny bayan iyan ang numero unong kasamaan sa word politics…
      tapos sasabihin nila its because of politics…

    3. Anong klaseng gobyerno mayroon tayo?? kaya ginagawang laruan lang ng mga pulitiko ang ating batas. dahil walang gustong sumunod sa batas lalong lalo na ang mga pulitiko. Mga taga obudsman, kumilos naman kayo.. wala ba kayong taga aresto na ibang agency. You create another govt agency that will arrest people from working govt agency. Ano mayroon batas tayo kung ayaw sumunod sa batas ang mga taongito na ganid sa kapangyarihan…
      mahiya namn kayo sa ibang bansang may civilization…. kung magsalita pa itong mga pulitiko akala mo sibilisado, iyong pala uncivilized person. shame on you …pero kung ordinaryong tao, mabilis pa sa alas kuatro ang pag huli..

    4. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      Napahina ng ating Gobierno. Pamilyang Binay hindi kayang pasunrin sa batas.Putulan ng koryente at tubig ang Makati city hall. Lahat ng sumusuporta sa mga Binays ay kasabwat sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng Pilipinas, ay dapat kasuhan din. Hindi ito ordinaryong suporta sa isang ordinariong tao. Ito ay tunay na suporta sa magnanakaw. Ombudsman, DILG, you are weaklings na kayang kaya ng mga Binays. Kung nasa hukuman at dinidinig na ang kaso ng mga Binay ay mapipilitan ng humarap ang mga iyan sa hukuman. Gaano katagal bago mag karoon ng paglilitis ang kasong ito? Nakapaginit ang kabagaln ng pamahalaan ng Pilipinas. Puro mga lampa ang ating gobierno.

    5. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      Who is more powerful? The Binays, or the Government of the Philippines.
      It seems that the Binays are more powerful. Hindi mapatalsik sa City Hall si Jun Jun Binay kasi sila ang hari ng Makati. Makati should be renamed Republic of the Binays.

    6. chthonic monster on

      if they get away with this incident again for the second time, just wait ’till they get hold of the Philippines. it will be a reign of terror the likes of it we haven’t seen since the martial law!

    7. Vic Penetrante on

      Gather people around you and cry, “Harassment!” That is the answer to a suspension order by the Ombudsman.
      Indeed, ‘rules are made to be broken’ by government officials. Mouse traps are needed for hiding civilians.

    8. TRO is still for sale at CA 2nd suspension double the prize.The end is near for the crook Binay mafia crime family.Mr.13%VP Binay=Hari ng magnanakaw.

    9. Bobski Natividad on

      I have only one question, why are the Binay family are so “gang ho” to live in the palace? Your guess is as good as mine

    10. Ronto Caniada on

      I wish the Philippines justice move faster. and put the pressure on all the Binay’s family.

      • You are right, the SC should hand down asap their decision on the legality of Jungoy’s first suspension. If this is in favor of the Ombudsman, then the Binays are kaput. They will fall like dominoes to the prison walls of Munti.

      • They will no longer go to the CA for a TRO because I think the CA is duty-bound to wait for the SC decision on the first suspension.

      • Why don’t they also put all the pressure on those who masterminded the PDAF/DAP which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court? Why is there no pressure on those who plundered government funds through those anomalouse MRT/LRT maintenance contracts? Why is there no pressure to file the charges on the second and third batch of suspects viz Ms. Janet’s caper?

    11. If there is basis for the suspension on Mayor Junjun Binay of Makati, twice given by the Ombudsman, the vice-president will just call it harassment on his family. It’s as if the vice-president declaring his son innocent against all the charges and eventually himself. He is a lawyer and he should abide by the law. He is the vice-president of this country he should abide by the law. He cannot be above the law.

      • Karma. If Jejomar (what a sacrilegious name) lost in 2010 and he allowed Mercado to become mayor of Makati as promised, and his family stayed out of politics, they would have lived a fabulously happy life. They could be entertaining endlessly in Hacienda Binay, stayed in their many mansions and bought all the diamonds that the wife covets. They have gotten away with their crimes in Makati for 28 years by simply saying “it’s all politics.” So, we should be thankful that he became VP, otherwise they will not be in the quagmire they are in now. Day of reckoning due to karma.

    12. Migs Doromal on

      MAR ROXAS and the LIBERAL PLUNDERERS (LP) are getting desperate.

      Between the BINAYS and the FOUR PIGS OF THE LP: ABNOY, MAR ROXAS, BUTCH ABAD, and FRANK DRILON, I would rather see BINAY jail these Losing PIGS when he becomes the next occupant of Malacanang.

    13. The officials involve to be suspended by the Ombudsman are tenaciously holding on to their posts because ‘nasarapan na sila sa ganoong kalakaran’. They are used to it and are veterans on the system of their own making. Come on guys – be good gentlemen and obey the laws.

    14. Suspension-order #1 — FOR Makati City Hall Building II.
      Suspension-order #2 – for Makati Science High School.

      Ano ang for suspension-order#3? At number-4? At number-5?