• Junk DepEd Order No. 44!!!


    If your kids are studying in public schools and they are in Grades 7 to 10, chances are they may have no textbooks this year, and their teachers may not possess new instructional materials.

    This is due to the moratorium on the procurement of supplementary and other instructional materials under DepEd Order No. 44, signed by no less than Secretary Armin Luistro last year.

    Based on the order, the purpose of the moratorium is to make sure that the prices of these materials are reasonable and their procurement transparent.

    But isn’t it the DepEd that sets the prices of the books it purchases and accredits them too through the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat under Assistant Secretary Socorro Pilor?

    Therefore, if Secretary Luistro believes that there is a discrepancy in the prices of these books and doubts the manner of how they were procured, he should go after Assistant Secretary Pilor.

    After all, several suppliers and publication companies are wondering where the P35,000 accreditation fee for each book that they paid to the assistant secretary went? There are thousands of books that are submitted for accreditation to the office of Assistant Secretary Pilor every year.

    Students and teachers alike should not suffer the consequences by denying them these educational and instructional manuals because a division of DepEd failed to do its job.

    In a recent interview with Radyo 5, Assistant Secretary Tony Umali said the department is still reviewing the different policies and guidelines pertaining to the procurement of these materials.

    Senate committee on education member Sen. Nancy Binay, however, believes that DepEd’s review is taking too long, and, therefore, it should immediately recall the order.

    DepEd’s Order No. 44 is not the answer to make sure that the books it purchases have the right price and pass through fair and square biddings.

    The order is unfair to both students and teachers. It should be junked immediately!!!

    Senate, Congress, DOTC, and now LLDA
    What’s next, Miss Patricia “Gay” Tan?

    Rumor has it at the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) that alleged pork barrel agent Patricia “Gay” Tan also had business dealings with the agency.

    The story goes something like this: Between 2008 and 2010, Patricia allegedly received P100 million in priority development assistance fund (PDAF) from a lawmaker to purchase computers for LLDA.

    The computers never arrived, according to employees at the agency, and Miss Tan was never investigated by LLDA for that reported “ghost” delivery.

    Surprisingly, the Senate, particularly the blue ribbon committee, has been mum to this day whether to summon the other contractors on businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles’ list who became billionaires out of the pork barrels of lawmakers.

    Tan was one of those mentioned by Napoles as being on her list and the businesswoman even told a newspaper last year that it was Patricia “Gay” Tan who taught her the ropes of the PDAF scam.

    Sen. Nancy Binay, also a member of the blue ribbon committee, told Radio 5 that she already asked Chairman Teofisto Guingona 3rd to call the other contractors before the committee.

    But Sen. Guingona has not acted on the request to summon the other contractors, including Tan, and this inaction raises doubts that more lawmakers and Cabinet members may be implicated in the PDAF or pork barrel scam.

    Is Patricia “Gay” Tan a sacred cow? Or is the blue ribbon committee simply afraid of her?



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    1. Methinks that Sen Teofisto Guingona is deliberately closing his ears as well as his eyes in addressing the corruption of other personalities plying the trade similar to that of Napoles. He knows that if he will entertain more complaints and information like yours, he will be forced to address it and he will be on the bad side of PNoy. Hadlok ni si Guingona nga matang-tang sa yellow ribbon committee, Bay. Nagpa bungol-bungol lang ni si Guingona Jr. kay maklaro na kaayo nga Pork and Bribe King kining iyahang amo nga si PNoy.

    2. Erwin you are expecting to much if you think the dep ed can look at something simply. Its not the case no they have to make it difficult. What most can see as something simple & that is needed sorting quickly would never occur or enter the minds of these people. Thats how they get in these positions. Find the guy who is most incompetent & give him the job just so long as he can speak tripe to people. Tell me why dont the news people interview these people & put these questions to them & dont just accept their waffle as an answer. Ive yet to see any reporter or interviewer in this country put these people under pressure.