• Junk Duterte calls snowball


    The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) has joined a rising clamor to reject presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in next month’s elections over his recent controversial remarks on the rape of an Australian missionary in 1989.


    Jose Matula, FFW president, on Sunday said he is disappointed by what he described as Duterte’s anti-women statements.

    He heads the oldest and one of the major general trade union federations in the Philippines (founded in 1950, with 200,000 members at present) that is acknowledged as an active participant in tripartite activities and other social dialogues in the national, regional and international levels.

    Matula said the mayor might lose the women’s vote in the May 2016 elections since half of the Filipino voters are women.

    He added that Duterte’s men must give him advice on how to show respect to women.

    A Metro Manila-based women’s organization agreed with Matula and urged the electorate to junk Duterte’s bid for the presidency.

    Donna Salazar, president of the Kababaihang Nakikibaka para sa Pambansang Dangal ng Pilipinas (KNPDP), also on Sunday said Duterte should not become the country’s 16th leader since it is extremely unacceptable to publicly harass women by stating that he being the mayor of Davao City should have been the first to rape Jacqueline Hamill.

    Hamill was sexually assaulted and killed inside the Davao city prison during a riot by inmates.

    Salazar noted that even after local human rights groups and pro-women advocates and the government of Australia had denounced Duterte for making a “joke” about the rape of the Australian evangelist, the mayor seemed to have continued deriding women.

    She cited the proliferation of stickers in many parts of Metro Manila that state

    “Mahal ko ang mga babae. Iibigin ko kayong lahat–Duterte [I love women. I will love you all–Duterte].”

    Salazar said the message of the stickers shows the mayor’s condescension of women.

    That message, she added, “only proves that he is a maniac.”

    Helen Toledo, a teacher, also agreed with Salazar.

    “Napakabastos naman ni Duterte. Tamang salita ba ‘yang mahal ko ang mga babae [Duterte is extremely impertinent in saying that to us. Is that a correct statement by someone who is running for President]?”

    Toledo said she believes that many teachers will not vote for Duterte for President.

    She added she was not surprised by the audacity of the mayor in gathering the nerve to make offensive statements against women and then convince not only the women but also the people to vote for him in the May 9 elections.


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    1. Quoting another article from the PDI:

      “The irony is, the perceived solution is someone who himself has made a mockery of the law. The Duterte dynasty is too blatant to be ignored. For what interests four Dutertes must have to hold on to power in Davao (it used to be six, with late father, Vicente, serving as governor and brother Benjamin as councilor)?”

      “His alleged connections to drugs and smuggling in Davao are no sneezing matter. It behooves every Duterte follower to ask about it. It is a valid question in an election, but which his followers have so far failed to ask. There is also the matter on the 11,000 ghost employees the Commission on Audit reportedly questioned. To say it is a smear campaign only underscores the similar, usual lame answers other Janus-faced trapo have given in defending themselves against allegations of corruption. Ad hominem statements are not the way to real change.”

      “We cannot turn medieval on our image of leadership and go back to a leader whose ilk dominated the prehistoric era: a headman-chieftain accorded vast powers, including the power to trample on human rights and to silence public opinion by killing critics.”

    2. junk only? dapat dyan sa halimaw na duterte na yan ay ikulong sa davao penal colony. at ipa rape sa mga inmates. seriously, dapat imbestigahan yang unggoy na yan sa extrajudicial killings.

    3. Dear Jose Samilin,

      Nais ko pong ipaliwanag sa sarili nating wika ang mga dahilan kung bakit ako ay tutol sa pagka-pangulo ni ginoong Duterte:sa pamamagitan ng mga sumusunod na halimbawa:

      1. Inutusan mo lamang ang iyong bunsong anak na bumili ng suka sa sari-sari store sa kanto ng tanghaling oras. Habang naglalakad pauwi, nakasalubong niya ang isang kriminal na hinahabol at binaril ng isang pulis. Sa kasawiang palad tinamaan din ang iyong anak at namatay. Ang dahilan ng pulis, utos ni pangulong duterte na patayin ang lahat ng mga kriminal.

      2. Isang OFW na nagpapakahirap maghanap buhay sa lupaing banyaga ay pinalalayas na dahil ang kanyang pasaporte ay nalipasan ng bisa. Kung hindi ipinasara ni pangulong duterte ang consulado ng Pilipinas, maari sanang palawigin ang pasaporte at mai-pagpatuloy ang pag-hahanap buhay at pagbibigay karangyaan sa pamilya at sa bayan.

      Marami pa po akong maiisip ng halimbawa na malamang mangyayari kung si duterte ang mailukluk na pangulo ng Pilipinas pero kulang and espasyo nitong comment box.

      Isipin mo po, kaya naging pinuno si Hitler, ipinasa ang bintang ng kahirapan ng economia sa mga hudyo and ipinangako sa mga botante na susugpuin ang kanilang kasamaan. Nung nanalo nga sa halalan, inalisan niya ng karapatang pantao ang lahat ng hudyo, mayaman o mahirap, negosyante o hindi, maging bata man o matanda. Mahigit anim na milyon ang pinatay sa loob ng limang taon.

      Si duterte, ipinapasa ang bintang ng lahat ng kanirapan ng Pilipino sa mg kriminal at mga corrupt. Ilan kayang pinaghihinalaang kriminal at corrupt ang aalisan ng karapatang pantao at mamamatay, bata man o matanda, may kasalanan o wala.

      Maraming mga alagad in duterte ang nagsasabing kailangang magdanak ng dugo para makamtan ang pagpapalit ng lipunan. Iyon din ang hinangad ni Pol Pot ng Cambodia at kasama ng kanyang Khmer Rouge pumatay ng halos tatlong milyon na kababayan, bata man o matanda sa loob lamang ng apat na taon!

      Parang awa ninyo. Huwag iboto so duterte.

    4. These groups are obviously paid! We are being rape everyday by this government. Just look at the street crimes, traffic, MRT, corruption on every level, Naia and you have the nerve to prioritize this issue

    5. My only request for Officer Marquez is to arrest those riding in tandem assassins. I am sure they are operating as a group or groups paid by ad people. They make the police look bad. Concentrate on them and infiltrate their ranks to stop them. Many of them after a hit hide in the provinces like Cavite for them not to be detected.

    6. They should ask the situation of the Women in Davao. They should also consider this prior to making a unified stand, if this is a unified stand. Investigate first, anyway its your right. As me im just saying there are more pressing issues that needs FFW’s attection, rather than magnifying this issue…. just saying…

    7. ferdinand naboye on

      If you are truly for the cause of women then your group must junk the party that junks the plight of women by iignoring to address the womens exploitatiton issues during his 6 years in malacanang. What did the daan matuwid do to uplift the womens.

    8. Jose Samilin on

      Regardless of clamor for normal and decency words by presidents of FFW and KNPDP and the teacher, but Philippine landscape is truly abnormal in all it aspects on poverty, illegal drugs and corruption. Here, we are not looking for decent words but a leader who can destroy the abnormalities and bring back to normal and only Duterte proved superb performance as a Government official. Far from truth how they picture Duterte as erotic and maniac as they wrongly understood Duterte’s love of women, when in fact just to protect women and oppressed families and children he vowed to lay down even his very life for them (to die for them) and his presidency with an appeal to God to strengthen him. This is a dose of cold water on the face of their clamor as you look around those infrastructure and programs existing in Davao City intended for services of needy women and children. I also believed in keeping Duterte’s lead on rating as supporters are solid and the continued realization of truth and affirmation from the big bulk of undecided voters..

      • The issues in this election is more than decency,we have more than our fair share of outwardly descent but actually incompetent, abusive and corrupt leaders who bring this nation to the brink of disaster,mayor Duterte may sound vulgar to the allegedly polite society and speak frankly about his true self, but it is not our business to changed his demeanor, what we need desperately is some one who can pull us out from our sad state