• ‘Just and fair’ polls: Let the people decide


    NINETY-NINE DAYS to go and we elect a new President come May, and the countdown hopefully leads to honest, orderly and peaceful national and local elections.

    I am hoping that the Supreme Court, as well as the Commission on Elections (Comelec), would also pave the way for a just and fair exercise of our right to suffrage by allowing the people to decide whom they want to be the next Chief Executive.

    Comelec’s preoccupation with nuisance petitions for disqualification of the two most popular ‘presidentiables’ clearly threatens to render the electoral process unjust and unfair.

    Millions of voters who support Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City and Sen. Grace Poe would probably rather stay home and boycott the polls altogether.

    I’m hoping that Malacañang would stay away from the Comelec and just let the poll body do its job.

    Unfortunately for President Ninoy Aquino 3rd, no amount of manipulation of the electoral process will boost the chances of his Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, former Interior secretary, unless they tinker with the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs).

    So much time has been wasted, which should have been devoted to preparations of ballots, testing and getting the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines and the additional VCMs ready.

    Printing of ballots would have been done but was deliberately delayed by the Comelec admittedly “in anticipation” of Poe’s possible disqualification.

    This is totally politically motivated and malicious.

    Regardless of the outcome of the High Tribunal cases, exclusion of Poe or Duterte’s names in the ballots is tantamount to disenfranchising the people the right to vote their chosen leader.

    The High Tribunal must not allow the Comelec to unreasonably limit our choices.

    It would be totally unjust and unfair.

    The Comelec must quit the “waiting game” nonsense now and print the ballots already!

    Actually, it has overlooked cases where certain candidates at the local level must be disqualified for being convicted of crime or being fugitive from justice.

    Did the poll body deliberately turned a blind eye to these cases just because the culprits involved happened to be LP members?

    Running for reelection is a Laguna town mayor who had been convicted of malversation of public funds, and a Batangas town mayor who had been a fugitive for almost two years in connection with a rape case.

    Both have not been disqualified despite petitions against them because they are LP members.

    So are the elections 99 days from today going to be honest, orderly and peaceful?

    Is it also going to be just and fair exercise of suffrage?

    DPWH region 12 explains bidding
    “No irregularities” in biddings of projects at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Regional Office 12 in Koronadal City, according to Regional Director Reynaldo Tamayo.

    Tamayo clarified that opening bids for the P134-million General Santos Highway road-widening project last January 19 were delayed shortly because of a large number of participants bidders.

    The director said the bidding went on as scheduled despite the absence of an observer from the Commission on Audit, who was invited but was unable to attend because of sudden illness.

    The General San Highway project was awarded to the Sarangani Rockmixer Construction Company, owned by Catalina “Baby” Joven.

    Tamayo said he did not have a hand in the actual bidding although he assured that standard operating procedures were observed by the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).

    He added that the BAC had ensure that the bidders were qualified and licensed contractors.

    Noy ‘missing in action’ for 12 hours
    No bombshell was dropped in Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile’s inquiry into the Mamasapano massacre but it has made clearer the truth that Noynoy Aquino and Alan Purisima willfully abandoned the Special Action Force (SAF) troops during the 12-hour “pintakasi.”

    The President’s rabid cronies in the Senate shamelessly tried to waylay the reopening of the probe, and cause another whitewash of the most horrific tragedy. They pinned down the fall guy, erstwhile SAF chief Getulio Napeñas.

    Regardless of his politics, Enrile’s line of questioning clearly established what a coward and incompetent Commander-in-Chief this Noynoy is.

    After planning and authorizing suspended policeman Purisima to launch suicide mission Oplan Exodus, Noynoy was “missing in action” throughout the day-long carnage of SAF commandos by over a thousand Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and other rebel groups.

    The inutile President and Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief has only himself to blame for the untimely death of 44 promising police officers, who needed him after accomplishing their mission.

    * * *

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    1. let the people choose their president .. yes .. but mr. tulfo, the pres. candidate has to meet the qualifications stated in the constitution .. otherwise , it will serve as a very bad precedent on any case reaching the supreme court who are supposed to interpret the constitution the way it is and meant to be .. hindi yung kanya kanya nang interpretation because certain chief or associate justice wants to favor somebody based on awa or personal feelings or for any personal reason .. anybody acting as judge should absolutely free from any personal influence or emotional influence .. obviously, mr tulfo , leonen and sereno should inhibit … it’s just not right .. it is unjust and if they succeed, they will be creating the biggest and nastiest chaos in the country

    2. Carlos de Castro on

      44 saf are special forces which meant they don’t need too much command to make before they can functions. Are we going to assume that they did not do anything to defend themselves, or we are saying they just raised up their arm and just let the enemy shoot at them. I’ll tell you Mr. Tulfo, that I can do better than that with just ROTC training to defend yourself at all cause. This should be investigated also before we give so much money to the family of this 44. Sometimes the justice shout is coming from a 3rd cousin who wants some money that I am telling you Mr, Tulfo don’t even know his cousin and might laughing at him for joining the Pinoy military as compare to his friend in the US navy.