And it just gets better and better…


Last December gave me chance to do a lot of driving late at night on the SLEX. Sometimes all the way from the Quezon City area to Santa Rosa and then back. Traffic was very light around 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. Now being the Christmas season some business establishments would celebrate their Yuletide party and that meant they would be closed for the night. This holds true for gas stations also. I usually load up with Total fuels… but at one time the station the frequent was closed. So I had to look for an alternative station. Caltex was the nearest one opened. Now for the longest time I swayed away from loading Caltex fuels. For one, there were few Caltex stations in my area before and when tried loading a few times, gasoline that is, the engine wasn’t performing properly.

I was low on fuel so I decided to give Caltex a try, I loaded Caltex premium with Techron. After loading, I got on the high way and headed north. At first there was some hesitation but disappeared. Now the next day I started the car I noticed the idle was a bit better and even if the car wasn’t heated up that much it ran much better. Hmmm… so I decide to load Caltex fuels again to see if it was just a fluke. Now with all the highway driving I did during the holiday season, I think the Caltex Premium helped a lot. Startups are better, while in idle up mode the exhaust doesn’t smell that much. I am not much into believing the ads on how the product is supposed to be better than the others, but I must say that this one made a difference. I also noticed that they sell and additive with Techron in it… contemplating if I should try it.

As the holiday season is also a time to make happy memories, I was able to visit the ER of Asian Hospital in Filinvest, Alabang in Muntinlupa City a few times before and after Christmas. Also spent some time waiting outside the doctor’s office for an appointment. While waiting, got a chance to visit the cafeteria and see what edible. Now the norm is you don’t really expect mush from cafeteria food from a hospital. But this was an exception. I decided to try their beef brisket and a slice of lasagna. The lasagna was ok, big serving. But the beef brisket was good. How good? Well, at this time I had a bad mouth sore. So trying to chew was a bit of pain. But when I tried chewing the brisket it was nice and soft. Very surprising for a place like that, serving good for two. I’ve been back to Asian Hospital a few times over the past few weeks and I order their beef brisket every time. The taste is consistent, the softness… not as consistent I was hoping for, two out of three, but for the price its worth it. It would hold its own against some dine restaurants. Oh and as a treat… there is a nice two door Isuzu Gemini In the parking area below. I think it’s a late 1970s model. Nicely restored.

Something different…

Here is a picture of a 1/24 scale model kit of a Lamborghini SESTO ELEMENTO by Aoshima. I won this in a friendly raffle and I am expected to build this sometime in this lifetime. I am still researching about this car and as soon I build this I post some pictures and a short review about the kit.


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