• Just give it to him



    To each his own… illusion.

    Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) chief Jose Cojuangco had all the right in the world to dream with his eyes wide open when last week he proclaimed that the country would win not just one, not just two, but five gold medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    Wow, that’s a lot of the metal the glitter of which has not radiated from the neck of any Filipino Olympian, male or female, since the Philippines joined the quadrennial games of all games more than 100 years ago.

    Apparently realizing that he was not really putting his money where his mouth was during his proclamation, Cojuangco gave a caveat: “All we need [to bag those five gold medals]is the training center. Without the training center, we cannot achieve it.”

    So, stop raising those brows, you heard the old man, who had warned you three years earlier than usual that… it depends on the construction of that training center, where the quintet of Olympic Games “champions” would hone to perfection their “golden” performances in the Japa- nese capital.

    Search this Free Kicker, but is there such a center on the blueprint or am I living in another planet or under a rock by the Manila Bay breakwater?

    It must have taken some chutzpah for the POC boss to raise false hopes among Filipinos that the Philippines would be bringing home three years from now the country’s first-ever gold medal, a feat already accomplished by other Southeast Asian countries a few Olympic Games ago.

    Jose Cojuangco Jr. FILE PHOTO

    Well, he mustered enough of it just a few weeks after the Philippine debacle of debacles in the recently-concluded Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur where the country finished in what place (sorry, I am having some serious senior moments)?

    Mr. Cojuangco, however, can take it in the shin this early: It would be the miracle of miracles if the Philippines won any medal in Tokyo.

    Unless of course the training center comes to life in this country where, four years after Typhoon Yolanda, survivors still do not have decent housing, if at all they have any roof over their heads.


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