Be just. See Hamas for what it is


US President Obama can only hope that the temporary ceasefire still in place in the Gaza strip at the time of this writing (afternoon of Thursday Manila time) holds without it being violated before it ends on Friday (Saturday Manila time). If he were being less diplomatic, he should have said “without the ceasefire being violated by Hamas before it ends.” For it is always Hamas that violates ceasefires.

On Friday Aug. 1, Hamas finally agreed to the US and UN demand for a ceasefire that Israel had earlier agreed to. It was just a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire that would have allowed medical personnel in Gaza to treat the wounded, Hamas to recover dead comrades, and for compassionate groups to deliver much needed aid to the Gaza Palestinians injured because Hamas has been using them as human shields.

But within hours after the start of Friday’s humanitarian ceasefire, air raid sirens blared again in Israel. Hamas had resumed its heavy shelling of Rafah. Some 51 Hamas rockets and mortar rounds hit Israel on Friday. Nine other Hamas rockets were shot down by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system.

President Barack Obama “unequivocally condemned the ‘barbaric’ Hamas” and its allied Palestinian factions “responsible for killing two Israeli soldiers, and abducting a third almost minutes after the ceasefire was announced.”

Unfortunately, some Filipinos have shallow-thinkingly fallen for the propaganda aims of the Hamas policy to provoke Israel to fire back at Hamas from their tunnels located under Palestinian residential areas. The Hamas goal is to make the world share its hatred for Israel and the whole Jewish race. It wants Israel to fire back and accidentally kill thousands of civilian Palestinians so that Israel gets blamed and condemned for being heartless.

Hamas propaganda wins everytime it convinces Filipinos that, as an editor has written, Obama should make a stronger appeal to the military of the Jewish state not to follow the ancient law of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Or to require Israel to take a more sacrificial stance and respect the ceasefire even if Hamas had broken it because that would show “the world that the Jewish nation is not trigger-happy.”

The columnist who wrote these lines has obviously been won over by the Hamas (which has the support of the majority in the UN General Assembly): “The one thing that Israel has in abundance is fire power, deadly, mostly accurate, powerfully devastating, murderous and most of the 1,360 Palestinians have been killed by bombs, shells and crushed and buried alive under the collapse of homes and public building. The alleged deliberate shelling and bombing of homes and houses, schools, hospitals and shelters in a massive bombardment is a possible war crime according to a UN body.”

And this: “Can the invasion of Gaza and massive killing of so many Palestinians by Israel be justified? It’s an exercise in self-defense, the Israelis say, and they must eliminate the enemy who is firing rockets into Israel. The Hamas organization says they have a right to self-defense too against the invading force. That’s the weakness of the Israeli position, they are invaders as they were in 2009 when a similar invasion was launched.”

It’s sad when Filipinos condemn Israel as the aggressor in this fight. They should remind themselves that the aim of Hamas is the annihilation of the Israeli state and of the Jewish race.

The deep reality that these Filipinos should know is that Israel is being supported in secret by no less than the leaders of such important Arab and Muslim countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority itself. These Arab leaders see Hamas as a terrorist group and the greater threat to their countries’ well-being than Israel.

Let’s not forget that the Palestinian Authority—which Israel recognizes as the government of the whole Palestine—lost Gaza to Hamas in a war with that terrorist organization. Israel has been willing to accept the two-state solution, with the PA, the heirs of the late Yassir Arafat, as the government of the Palestine state.


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  1. the war between hamas and Israel this year started when 3 innocent jewish teenagers, one of them a US citizen on vacation, were murdered by Palestinians. In retaliation, jewish extremists killed 1 Palestinian teenager. Israel however, arrested the 6 jews who killed the Palestinian boy. That alone shows that Israel is not a beast like some journalists feature. Then the rockets from gaza poured over Israel but Israel has advanced technology to stop the missiles on air saving their people. Hamas kept bombarding Israel with rockets until finally Israel decided to retaliate. They dropped leaflets all over gaza telling the people that certain places will be bombed. It is not true that they were only given 3 minutes to flee. the hamas, and most of islam do not give a damn to female children and their women. They utilize them in front of buildings that are targets for Israel so that Israel will not bomb that building because of the children and women. They have been doing this for ages. If you analyze, the dead in Palestine are mostly children. why? and women. why? because they were used as shields, and at the same time would be a good propaganda to show the world how cruel Israel is. It was hamas who violated the truce, We cannot let emotions rule our lives. We have to look at the facts and the history of both the hamas extremists and Israel. there was no Palestine country. Even in America, there are extremists who are not even muslims who brag about making their women and children as shields if the FBI raid their ranches. But in the muslim world (not all of them), to be a woman is to be subservient, no rights, no voice, cannot do anything except what the men of the house want them to do. I will find the book about the confession of an arab woman whose sister was killed by her own brother, and she was burned by her own brother with the blessings of the father, mother, and the whole family.

  2. As per most things the pinoy gets it wrong. But sir i congratulate you on getting hamas exactly right. I cant for the life of me understand the un not coming out & totally condeming hamas for what it does. Israel wants to live in peace. hamas doesnt. If there were peace there would be no place for hamas. Hamas doesnt want democracy, they thrive on conflict. If any of you lived under the control of hamas ( as christians ) you would regret it. You dont get freedoms in any muslim country like you do in any christian country in the west. We believe in democracy they dont. I remember the war the uk had with argentina over the falklands & they took over the islands & put their guns by hospitals & schools also. We in the west want to live in peace, fabnatics like hamas dont. Its that simple.

  3. Edgar G. Festin on

    It’s the godless liberal and anti-Amercan Filipinos who take the side of Hamas and jidahists. They should be more thorough in their readings.

  4. Who are these stupid Filipinos by the way? As fast as I know, the majority of Filipinos strand behind what Israel is fighting for – survival of its people.

  5. Hamas is really A terrorist group, it’s a group of islamist barbaric muslims who really followed what is written in their quran to kill the unbelievers of islam, these people are the same people who are fighting for independent islamic state in IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA, LEBANON which non muslims are absolutely prohibited unless they convert to islam in any places they captured…christian are persecuted when ever these terrorist islamists conquered a state where there are christians…these people are really willing to kill non muslims because according to their quran non muslims are infidel and are doomed and their quran commanded them to kill unbelievers, that’s why there is JIHAD…

  6. Sir, this time our opinion differed. Palestinians do not have a country as we have. I could go to our country on vacation or whenever I want to resign and left for good. But these Palestinians can’t! Wether their families were in Gaza or on the other side. No planes or ships could enter this chunk of land but the Israelis. Bus or trucks are limited by the Israelis after waiting for sometimes two or three days before being allowed to enter. Even cement for construction are restricted. In short, this chunk of land is imprisoned! On the other side of Palestine, Israel continuously erected settlements on the land they occupied. It is very sad that your editorial believed that the Gazan’s are monsters who wanted pity from the world because they wanted the total annihilation of Israel. I would if Israel bars me from coming to my country and close all the borders of the Philippines.

    • Have you googled the reason for the blockade? There is a very good reason for that. Hamas is an extension of iran. Hamas is not able to meet the US and Israel’s requirements for lifting the blockade. Hamas receives substantial aid in money and training from Iran, and in return lets Iran meddle in Palestinian politics. Although Fatah denies supporting a blockade on Gaza, they privately support a blockade on Hamas. fatah is not a terrorist org, they were overthrown by hamas. Israel never initiated any war, they will always attacked by the arab countries. Israel is just a small country like the island of Panay in the Phlippines. In 1967 during the 6 day war, all those islam countries waged a war on Israel confident that they will win, but they lost. Gaza was captured by Israel, being the strategic point during the war. READ more on the true history and facts and you will be enlightened.