Justice chief rules out showing of sex video


Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd will no longer present the alleged sex video of Sen. Leila de Lima to the House committee on justice when it resumes its probe on the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prisons Thursday.

Aguirre announced his change of heart in an interview at the sidelines of the plenary deliberations on the budget of the Department of Justice Tuesday. At least 40 House members and six senators have protested the showing of the alleged sex video.

“It wasn’t me who was pushing for its showing. It is the call of the committee. No, we are not going to present anything about that [sex video]. Whether we will play it or not, it depends on the committee. I don’t have a say. We are not in possession of any video,” Aguirre told reporters.

“Yes, it’s clear that we won’t present it,” he added.

President Rodrigo Duterte has accused de Lima of receiving drug money from inmates through her former driver, Ronnie Dayan.

The inmates who claimed that De Lima received millions from them testified before the justice panel probe that the former Justice Secretary got the payoffs from their fellow inmate, Jaybee Sebastian.

The inmates, however, admitted that they never talked with de Lima.

While Aguirre said that he does not have a copy of the alleged sex tape, he admitted having seen.
“If you have seen the video…I think it was her (de Lima) in the video. I can’t talk of the details. What I can say
is that I saw them both,” the Justice chief said.

Pressed to elaborate if it was de Lima and Dayan in the sex video, Aguirre said: “That’s what I saw.”
“It was seen by the person who told me about it…from Dayan’s cellphone,” he added.

The Justice chief earlier pushed for the playing of the sex video to show the alleged link between de Lima and Dayan.

The Justice chief however said the alleged sex tape may be shown when de Lima is prosecuted before the court.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez also is no longer keen on the showing of the sex video.

“I have nothing against women and I stand with women in protecting their dignity. I did not sign any memo [to show the sex video]. I even think that the House Committee on Justice has already gathered extensive factual findings that could help it prepare a draft law to address the proliferation of drugs in the NBP,” Alvarez said.


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  1. Aguirre is nothing but another Gonzales – the worst Department of Justice Secretary. The Secretary should not be partisan, or bias. He should follow the law and the constitution, not his interest. Maybe the Department should change its title to Department of Injustice.

  2. It’s the same old dog with a different collar.
    That is why it is very hard for filipinos to move forward, politicians will always protect colleagues in order not to set a precedence.

  3. It’s illegal to show pornographic pics in public whether the performers are old or young or combination of those. If the performers are the alleged persons let it be like that for they know who they are. Remember. To lie is to sin and greatest sin is to lie to yourself, and yet TO LIE THAT YOU DID NOT LIE THAT YOU LIED WITH SOMEONE IS THE MEGA GREATEST LIE THAT A LEGITIMATE LIAR COULD USE AS LIES.?