Justice for Jasmine



Jasmine Mojdeh, 11, is among the Philippine Swimming League’s (PSL) finest swimmers.

During the PSL’s last campaign in the Middle East Open Championship in Dubai, she clocked 2:25.00 breaking the 2:26.00 Philippine junior record of Regina Castrillo in 2013.

In the recently concluded Palarong Pambansa NCR selection phase, she won all her five individual events that made her the most bemedalled and most outstanding tanker in the event.

Jasmine also won gold medals in all her five events n the last Batang Pinoy in Vigan.

In the recent PSL campaign in Japan, she broke an open record – clocking 1:06.86 to smash the 28-year old record of 1:09.15 seconds.

Based on Jasmine’s impressive record, she can surpass the current records in both the NCAA and the UAAP posted by college students.

With her immense potential, Jasmine would not be able to represent the country in a SEA Age Group tournament that the Philippines will be hosting.

Why? Because the selection process for that tilt is exclusive to Philippine Swimming Inc. (PSI) members only.

Jasmine’s mother Joan has verified this.

Joan’s post about the issue in social media has already garnered 1.5K likes and 678. shares

Below is Joan Mojdeh’s post verbatim:

“It is truly heartwarming to see that my eldest daughter, Jasmine Mojdeh wanted to raise this flag someday on the podium of a world stage. To carry the flag of the country where she was born.

But what if the people of her own county will betray her for it? After all the sacrifices that she did since she was 6 yrs old. And now she is 11 and broke a Philippine national junior record. And she has something to show for it. (even so she has still a long way to go) Yet they say she is not allowed to represent our country because of the organization she belongs to even if she is the fastest in her age group in her events in this country. How sad could that be?

That even the foreign countries like Japan or Singapore or Dubai or France or wherever she competes applaud her every time she took a dive on the pool and yet people of her own country will discriminate her just because she is not in the right association? How ridiculous could that rule be?

Do you think we will give up just because you made up a stupid rule that discriminates athletes? My daughter wanted to represent Philippines because she is proud of our country and that is her ultimate dream. And she will be in that world stage bearing our flag. Someday. And no corrupt organization or people will be able to stop her from doing that. We do not fear evil. We are not afraid of a corrupted system that cripples our athletes. We will eradicate this system and beat it to the core. And if it only takes one person to do it. So be it. This is not only the fight of my daughter but for the future athletes just like her who have the same dream of raising the Philippine flag in that world stage. You just wait and see. No matter how difficult this road is. We will take it. And NOTHING will ever stop us for it. We will not go gentle into that good night. We will rage against it.”


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