• Justice for landmine victims


    Dear Sir,
    The families of those who were victims of a landmine attack in Davao del Sur said they need more than an apology from the New People’s Army. The victims were Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction (PDRRMC) volunteers and Red Cross workers, and wounded soldiers who could have died, doubly suffering from this violent attack. The victims and their families demand justice and retribution from the group.

    Yes, anybody can say sorry even if it is not sincere. It is a very easy way and act to say “SORRY”. Coming from NPA attackers, it would not have any meaning at all for the damage has been done, and harm was already inflicted.

    Are NPAs unaware they targeted ambulances? Whichever, they intended to kill the occupants who were unaware their good deed will be met by an explosion meant to harm them. To think that they were health and volunteer workers who have dedicated their lives for service to others.

    It will only be justice which can cure the pain and suffering of victims, their families.

    Mrs. N. Liquete, R. N. (Ret)
    Cervantes, Ilocos Sur


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    1. The NPA as well as other left leaning group are not ignorant most of them are indoctrinated student from distinguish universities and colleges. And they know what they are doing. It is sad no matter how intellectual they are. It is a big waste of great minds poisoned to belief that Marxism, Maoism, is the only way to uplift this nation. This intellectual fails to channel their god given talent in a more productive manner which could better serve mankind but rather choose the path of blood trails and destruction litter with the stench of innocent human corpses of fellow Pilipino.

    2. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Nothing at all has been done by the Commission on Human Rights about the incident subject of the above letter. Yet the CHR, specifically and specially its chairman, Etta Rosales, wants to go hammer and thongs against Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanauan City who had a thief caught in the act paraded all around the public market of Tanauan City with a placard “Ako ay magnanakaw, wag tularan.” The loot, by the way, was not just one kilo of dried fish (tuyo) but boxes of tuyo and other kinds of dried fish worth P16,000.00. No wonder, the people of Tanauan are one in voicing support for their Mayor and condemning not only the thief but Rosales as well.