• Justice for Jennifer


    The details are hazy at this point, but it is clear that one Jennifer Laude was found dead in the comfort room of a lodge in Olongapo, her head in the toilet bowl, seemingly asphyxiated from having had her head neck pushed into the bowl’s rim. She was naked save for a blanket around her.

    Jennifer was seen entering that room with someone who has been referred to on TV as Kano. That is, Amerikano. That is, an American. The last friend Jennifer had spoken to confirms that the victim was in fact with a foreigner on the evening of October 11. This friend had left Jennifer and the foreigner at the lodge upon the request of Jennifer.

    The couple would check in at the lodge at around 11PM. A room attendant sees the foreigner walk out of the room 30 minutes after, leaving the door ajar. The hotel staff tasked to clean the room finds Jennifer dead in the bathroom.

    The VFA-EDCA question
    But it seems there is a tendency to fall silent about this death, like we are uncertain about what to do now, or what to do next.

    It could be because the US Embassy and Marine Corps Times have confirmed that a soldier of the US Marines is a suspect in the murder of Jennifer, and is being detained in the ship USS Peleliu docked in Olongapo. Three other US soldiers are also being detained as possible witnesses. Under orders from the US Pacific Command Chief Samuel Locklear III, no ships are to leave the Philippines while this investigation is ongoing.

    But who is doing this investigation exactly? There’s the Naval Criminal Investigation Service as per the Marine Corps Times report dated October 12. Others say it’s the US Embassy in the Philippines that’s doing an investigation. But the more credible report seems to be that the Visiting Forces Agreement Commission (VFACom), the US Embassy, and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) are waiting on the investigation.

    According to the news, the only active investigation seems to be that of Regional Police Office-3 in charge of Olongapo. As of Tuesday, the investigation has yet to become about the VFA, which is to silence what is at the heart of this murder.

    Because that US soldier last seen with Jennifer was one of 4,000 who were here under the VFA, and particularly for Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX) 15. They came in the USS Peleliu, USS Germantown, and USS Frank Cable. PHIBLEX 15 ended on October 10. The following evening one Filipina, Jennifer Laude, was dead.

    If this crime happened in South Korea and Japan, both of which have existing Status Of Forces Agreements (SOFAs) with the US, it would be clear that this soldier should be under the custody and jurisdiction of the host country and not housed in the ship he arrived in while investigation is ongoing. But our VFA gives the US custody of its erring soldiers, even when under Philippine Law we have jurisdiction over crimes committed here.

    Worse, a look at Section 5 of the VFA asserts that: “Recognizing the responsibility of the United States military authorities to maintain good order and discipline among their forces, Philippine authorities will, upon request by the United States, waive their primary right to exercise jurisdiction except in cases of particular importance to the Philippines.”

    Will waive primary right to exercise jurisdiction upon request of the US unless it is of particular importance to the Philippines.

    Let’s hope Jennifer is important enough to this government.

    The gender equation
    But first we decide not to be confused about the fact of this death.

    Because media is truly messing it up, even with just getting Jennifer’s name right, as they refuse to call her by the name that she identifies herself with, insisting on calling her by her birth name Jeffrey. Worse, many put Jennifer in quotes, or say Jeffrey Laude alias Jennifer, which already layers her name with the idea of deception.

    Because Jennifer is transgender, a trans woman. Woman being the operative term, and common sense tells us that she is a “she” and nothing else. There is no reason to be confused. Of course, media will be its hardheaded heartless unthinking self, and refuse to identify Jennifer as she identified herself.

    But it can only get worse. As of Monday night investigators were looking at two possible motives. One, that the American had found out Jennifer was transgender, and so he killed her. Two, that Jennifer had tried to steal from the foreigner, and so he killed her. Tuesday news reports confirm that there were two used condoms in the trash can in the comfort room, which for the local police must mean the first motive is improbable. That of course leaves us with number two.

    The picture that either motive paints, of course, is one that puts into question Jennifer and justifies her murder in the process. She deceived the foreigner, so he killed her. She tried to steal from him, so he killed her.

    So he killed her. So the American killed the Filipina. So one American soldier killed one Jennifer Laude.

    So many things remain hazy about this case. But the fact that Jennifer is a murder victim is clear. As is the fact that she was last seen with one foreigner, described as American with marine-style hair. As is the fact that the US has held one of its own soldiers in the USS Peleliu while the local police investigate. As is the fact that the VFACom, the US Embassy, the DFA are waiting on that investigation’s findings.

    We wait with bated breath. We wonder if this government will take on the cause of Jennifer and bring her murderer—American or otherwise—to justice.


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    1. Murder is murder is murder – regardless of gender or nationality of the victim or the perpetrator, regardless of whether sex was involved or not involved. Murder, manslaughter (if in self-defense) and accidental deaths must be assessed by the judicial system that has jurisdiction. Why is a potential suspect being held on a foreign ship instead of in a local holding cell for suspected criminals? The Philippine judicial system must take this case in hand. Corruption may be rife, but it is also rife in military organisations. The law of the land must be respected and enforced in this case.

    2. victor m. hernandez on

      First and foremost the VFA gives the American the upperhand when it comes to cases like this. Secondly, the suspected killer is already in the hands of the American and on US Soil, the Peliliu. Thirdly, the government agencies, execpt the local police in Region 3 who are invstigating the case, are waiting for the results of the investication. The Philippines will just wait and wimper, that’s all. I guess, we Filipinos say that the Philippines is an independent country. And being so, it stands equal with other countries, even the USA. Forget the thought. When it comes to the USA, the Philippines is still its colony, regardless. To the USA, the Philippines is a strategic military post in their Asia pivot, and USA will do all it can to control the islands, regardless. They are just humoring us.

    3. Marines are not solders. U.S. Marine Corps personnel are called Marines just as in the Philippine Marine Corps.

    4. There is one aspect that many pro-homosexual activists ignore, and that is when a man is deceived into having sex with another man, there are some who will become uncontrollably violent. There should be a law requiring all transgenders to wear a mark similar to that red dot on a married Indian woman to warn other men who are not inclined to have anything to do with a freak. We all want to promote openness and honesty so why not in sex? The only reason a transvestite will hide the truth is because he/she/it wants to fool another man into bed. The mark actually is for the tranny’s own safety.

    5. mikhail hieronymus on

      There will be a lot of horse trading here and the final result will be that Jennifer’s family will all get a U.S. visa. The U.S. embassy will offer them housing and some financial support. The Jennifer Laude family will welcome the offer and they will live happily ever after in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

      The murderer will go scot-free afterward. The Philippine government will be happy and so the U.S. government. All’s well that ends well. Every body will be very happy. Sorry Jennifer!

    6. It seems you think the americans wont do anything to find this guy guilty or innocent. I would trust an american in a postion of power all the time over any filipino in power. If this guy is guilty ( & it looks like he is ) they will get it sorted. But its you flips who make such a big thing of it & its just because it was a foreigner. I tell you we had a gay guy murdered from our sub division a few weeks ago. He was shot 6 times in the face & neck area & then dragged along a road by a vehicle tearing off lots of his flesh, but that didnt evenm make any news whatsoever.
      You dont care about the person who died no all you care about is it was a foreigner who committed a crime in your country & boy we cant have that can we.
      You people sometimes make me feel sick.

      • Of course, it’s an issue that it’s a foreigner. The Philippine-American War started because an American soldier killed two Filipino civilians. Tell me, how small an issue did you, Americans, make out of that? You colonized our entire country out of it!

        The foreigner in our land entitled with so many privileges as to be invulnerable from our courts’ persecution–that’s where the issue lies. Of course, we care about the person who died. She’s our kababayan–a term I’m using because it disregards gender. This can be a precedent to greater trials ahead. If this trial goes well for the American, then what would stop them from doing the same crime all over again?

        Your lack of self-awareness and your white privilege makes me sick.

      • Your government will do everything to protect your countryman, like you defending your country as well. Your american brother happen to have murdered a Filipino and he must suffer the consequences of his action. He must be at our jail and wait until the all legal and judicial procedures have taken its course. He must submit himself in the jurisdiction of our court.

      • Don’t be such a racist! Everyone has equal rights and you have the same rights as we all have. If it were your kind which seems to be in this case you raised hell and feeling sick but such remarks disgust us as well. Where you live and that incident of being shot and dragged by a vehicle does not happen in the Philippines. It’s a jungle where you live and ruled by kangaroo courts. Dustin or dust-in, I think your mother is calling you for misbehaving again. You use too much hours in your data plan and you’ll have to shoplift again to pay for your internet bill. Your comment simply says and describe you as totally ignorant with lack of respect of yourself and others. I would know because I deal with your kind everyday but it does not make me sick but feel sorry for their father & mother. What a shame to your kind and pray so you will see for yourself becasue your time will come – judgement day! God bless the soul of Jennifer.