‘Justice not fully served on SAF 44’


Palo, Leyte: Former PNP Director General and Senator Panfilo Lacson said that justice was not fully served to the fallen Special Action Force (SAF) 44 members who died in an encounter in Barangay Talipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao in 2015.

He said that he was informed that most of the surviving families of SAF are still to receive the full benefits due the killed troopers.

Lacson also belied reports that some SAF commandos abandoned their fallen comrades at the height of the fire fight which resulted in the death of more troopers. He pointed out that what the SAF did was an extra ordinary heroism because they stayed with their fallen comrades until they all run out of bullets.

Lacson said Supt. Raymund Train, one of the 16 survivors of the bloody Mamasapano operation, told him the reason why they did not left their comrades especially the dead ones, was for their remains to be properly turned over to their families.

Lacson was the keynote speaker here on Monday for the 25th anniversary of the Philippine National Police in Kamp Ruperto Kangleon.


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  1. opinionated na pinoy on

    The success and failure on any military mission is always in the hand of the highest military commander on the ground. Only in the Philippines, when a failure of a military mission occurred, it can be blamed all the way up to the Commander-in-chief, who does not know anything about how the mission was executed, what were the coordinating instructions, what were the plans during the pull out, what to anticipate from the enemies, and much more. The only thing that the president ordered was to go and get that (SOB) Marwan and let Napenas do the planning, coordination and execution of this mission. This is the reason why in the Philippines, we do things differently. A Court Martial should have been set up for the trial of Napenas for his negligence, as the highest military commander on the ground, instead, the government made him retire with “honorable” service and receiving a military retirement, and also running for a Senate seat (what a joke).

    My understanding is that the Senate investigation suppose to aid legislation. My question now is this: Did the Senate passed a legislation on how a military commander should do his job before going on a mission? Did they created a checklist that includes, coordinating instructions (who will be your back-up support), know who is on your left/right flanks, the equipment/weapons to carry to make sure dead spaces are covered, what to do when you depart the line of departure, where and what to do on the rallying points, what kind of terrain features, what kind of formation you will be using on you way to your objective, is your objective plotted on the map with 10 digits coordinates? and many more.

    I think that this is just a political price of a President has to pay coming from political opponents. Politicians, regardless of their party affiliations, should agree to disagree, instead of going all the way, killing each other. But then again, we Filipinos, are very unique in our own ways, that is why, our saying, “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES”.