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INTERPRETATION of the law is not about what was written but the reason why it was written.

Even if man wrote the law, God gifted us with memory.

It’s not on what the law said. There is a lot more on what it did not say.

My politics is personal but I fought the dictatorship and it has never changed since. The Supreme Court may see it another way but history and God Almighty are the better judges and not the 9.

* * *

Before, a president won based on an unblemished track record and sound platforms. Today it seems that the winner is the one who runs the most successful smear campaign.

* * *

Not so stupid questions I ask myself:
-Why are there food photos only before eating and seldom after eating?

-Why do malls want you to pay for a clean restroom or toilet?

-Why do we pay for parking space in malls yet there’s a rider that they’re not liable for losses and damages?

-Why do we have an increase of these phrases in news like “unverified or unconfirmed reports,” “a reliable source,” “on condition of anonymity,” “impeccable source,” “from an insider or source,” “exclusively obtained from” and “as claimed by some critics”?

-Why does it take longer to wait for the bill than to eat a course?

-Why do cashiers and cab drivers always have a shortage of coins or change for a business that they do everyday?

-Why are we often asked if we want a receipt or not for a purchase?

-Why are cellphones now called smartphones? Were there “dumbphones”?

-Why do restaurants include in the menu items that are not available?

* * *

The United States Supreme Court once ruled that shooting a fleeing felon dead is constitutionally unreasonable: “The intrusiveness of a seizure by means of deadly force is clearly unmatched. The suspect’s fundamental interest in his own life need not be elaborated upon. The use of deadly force also frustrates the interest of the individual, and of society, in judicial determination of guilt and punishment. Against these interests are ranged governmental interests in effective law enforcement …. we are not convinced that the use of deadly force is a sufficiently productive means of accomplishing them to justify the killing of nonviolent suspects.”

* * *

There’s a lot of explaining to do aside from the flimsy ones already given by the authorities. The message left in everyone’s mind blurs the good intentions (whether you’re an anti or pro).

“Kapaghindisumuko, PATAY, kapagsumuko, PATAYdin!.” (If they refuse to surrender, they’re dead, if they surrender, they’re also dead.) Leaving anybody with no option at all. Who can they turn to?

* * *

US issues warning against travel to Southern Cebu. Look who’s talking.

An excerpt from USA Today: Overseas travel warnings about USA mount

The United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, France, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Germany are among those urging caution to US-bound travelers. The concerns include mass shootings, police violence, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT attitudes and the Zika virus.

While it is too soon to determine if the warnings are hurting US tourism, they tarnish the image the US promotes abroad of a country that prides itself on being a welcoming society and bastion of democracy.

* * *

Max’s posts P380 million profit in nine months. Profit to the Max. Time to change its slogan to “The Mansion That Fried Chicken Built.”

* * *

News: The Philippine National Police (PNP) has downplayed the warning issued by the United States that terrorist groups are planning kidnappings in Cebu, fueling concerns that Islamic militants infamous for hostage-taking are roaming wider.

Their answer should not be defensive. It should be:

“We would like to assure the public that we will double our efforts to verify and prevent such situations from happening. We have now alerted and deployed additional intelligence-gathering units that will lead to the arrest of these alleged plotters the soonest possible time.”

* * *

When writing the news, a reporter should always look at the events and people through the eyes of a stranger or an outsider. Everything should be fresh and new. This will allow the writer to avoid being imprisoned within the traditional and the predictable.

* * *

Some are saying not to be playful with the past and laugh at why we cannot move on. No, my dear friends, history determines who we are and where we came from. It should never be forgotten and trashed. Toying with the present is scary as it will risk leaving an obscure past.

* * *

Another tipsy tip from an amateur photographer: before clicking the shutter, always run a quick ocular dissection and taxidermy of your subject and always remember that the beauty and strength of images come from their credibility.

* * *

Robert Capa once said that if you want to improve your photos, you should move closer. He was obviously referring to the soul, not the body.

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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