• Justices offered P50-million bribe


    To disqualify Poe – sources

    ‘I HAVE BEEN TRUTHFUL’ Sen. Grace Poe addresses students of the Eastern Visayas State University in Tacloban City. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    ‘I HAVE BEEN TRUTHFUL’ Sen. Grace Poe addresses students of the Eastern Visayas State University in Tacloban City. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    JUSTICES of the Supreme Court (SC) were offered P50 million each to disqualify Senator Grace Poe from running as a presidential candidate in the May elections, well-placed sources at the High Court said on Monday.

    The bribery attempt was disclosed on the eve of an en banc session where SC justices were expected to vote on the disqualification case against the senator.

    The sources told The Manila Times two attempts were made to buy off the votes of the magistrates, both by persons “very close” to President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, the standard bearer of the Liberal Party (LP).

    The first offer, the sources said, came from a female lawyer who is supportive of Roxas’ presidential candidacy. The lawyer, a former Malacañang official, now works at a private law office. The sources said the law firm is behind a special operation to disqualify Poe.

    “The offer was P50 million for each justice who will disqualify Poe,” one of the sources said. “The justices refused (the offer),” he added.

    The source said the offer was relayed to one of the justices appointed by Aquino.
    Another source said that a member of the ruling LP dangled the same offer to a senior justice, who also declined it.

    The source said a lawmaker and his “partner,” a former businessman close to Aquino and Roxas, were behind the second attempt to bribe the justices.

    The Manila Times tried to interview several justices but they refused to discuss the bribery attempt.

    But a magistrate who asked not to be identified stressed that the tribunal will not bow to any pressure to decide on the case in exchange for cash.

    The bribery offer was compared to what happened during the Senate impeachment trial for Chief Justice Renato Corona, who eventually lost his office.

    Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada said there was an offer of P50 million for each senator who would convict Corona, who was later impeached.

    Justices of the high tribunal will tackle the disqualification case against Poe today, the last day for the magistrates to submit their dissenting or concurring opinions to the draft decision written by Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo.

    If no voting is held today, it is likely to resume on Wednesday during a special en banc session the tribunal has set.

    Sources had told The Times that del Castillo pushed for the disqualification of Poe because she failed to meet the residency requirement for those presidential candidates.

    The justice said the Commission on Elections did not commit grave abuse of discretion when it disqualified Poe, thus, he said the temporary restraining order issued by the SC stopping the poll body from dropping Poe from the list of presidential candidates should be lifted.


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    1. Sources had told The Times that del Castillo pushed for the disqualification of Poe because she failed to meet the residency requirement for those presidential candidates.
      The justice said the Commission on Elections did not commit grave abuse of discretion when it disqualified Poe, thus, he said the temporary restraining order issued by the SC stopping the poll body from dropping Poe from the list of presidential candidates should be lifted”

      Ang mga katagang ito ang maging multo ni GP kung sakaling manalo sya bilang pangulo. Ang sabi si GP dapat na ma DQ “Sources had told The Times that del Castillo pushed for the disqualification of Poe because she failed to meet the residency requirement for those presidential candidates” Kasonga may gumawa ng paraan para hindi ma DQ subalit! ayon source “The justice said the Commission on Elections did not commit grave abuse of discretion when it disqualified Poe, thus, he said the temporary restraining order issued by the SC stopping the poll body from dropping Poe from the list of presidential candidates should be lifted. nakita nyo ang laro dito wala lusot sipoe kung sakling manlo ito pag hindi sya susunod sa utos ng mga nag finance sakanya pwedeng i apila ang decision ng SC kasi TRO lang pala ang ginawa nila at sabipa walang nilabag ang COMELEC sakanilang ruling na i DQ si GP….Samadaling sabi walatayong aasahan kay GP puppet ang position nyakaung sakali….

    2. It just goes to show what kind of SUPREME COURT JUSTICES we have! A bribe attempt was made, and they refused it…that’s okay? Nothing else? No arrests, no attempt to arrest, etc etc? I guess there is no law broken. Well, i guess with the decision they made, it shows you how incompetent they are! They ruled against the constitution, so i guess this is to be expected!

    3. Arthur Saint John on

      I think this is BS I don’t believe Pnoy has something to do with it. Binay probably can do it as he has so many billions from corruption.

    4. Politics is like a chess game. You have to think of 10 or more moves ahead of your opponent. The political strategists of the Administration is soo good that they have desgned the Hocus Pocus Machine to favor Poe with minimal resistance from voters inasmuch as Poe is leading the presidentiable survey. Even the survey results will be part of the Grand Design
      With Poe as the leading contender in the survey result, who will then question the outcome of the ‘very clean and honest election’?
      After the moro-moro election, will Poe’s promise to the Filipino people still stand the way it was said before she attended PNoy’s bday celebration or will she be like her predecessor who said “kayo ang boss ko” who in effect just said it to the wind?

    5. Before Poe’s attendance to PNoy’s bday bash, EVM’s analysis is realistic; but it got twisted with her presence in the celebration.
      Now, I can say i’ll go with El Vicar’s point of view. Politicians are experts in brewing up stories and have it floated as smoke screen to cover the garbage they have created.

    6. Teddy Sevilla on

      Another ploy of Binay’s dirty tricks department. They hope that a Poe dq and an Aquino-Roxas conspiracy rumor would funnel Poe’s supporters to Binay. Pathetic.

      Now, with Poe’s win at the SC, the Binay camp is in disarray.

    7. hindi pina disqualify si grace poe ni pinuy… dahil mas lalong dadami ang boto ni duterte kung wala si poe

    8. Kawawang Juan dela cruz. . Ganito lang ba ang kalakaran ng ating bansa, pera pera n lang ba, at pati ang supreme Court ay nalalagyan na rin. Kawawang Judiciary system ng ating bansa. Mas mabuti pa tanggalin na lang ninyo ang piring ng mata ng simbolo ng supreme court..Ginawang negosyo and kanilang mga posisyon sa gobyernong dilawan na ito… dapat kayo na nasa suprement court ay ipako sa krus kasama ninyo kung sino man ang gustong magbribe sa inyo..Kawawa ang mamayang Filipino sa administrasyong ito…

    9. Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Who started this news? Only it would come from the camp of Grace who is trying to get sympathy from the majority! They know they had lost it and would like a people’s uprising like EDSA 3! This is all the brainchild of Chiz who thought he would get the sympathy votes! Nice try Grace – Poe! It’s now going to be official – Binay & Bongbong in May 2106! Come 2017, we would find PNoy, Abad, Purisima and Mar playing sungka in PNA white house! Mercado, Enciso, et al would be in Munti! Duterte as new Defense Secretary. Miriam Sec. of Justice. Korina @ TV5 as a PP! Hooray for the Filipino people! Bong the new Interior Secretary.

    10. mr jomar canlas i think ur report is bias. D po tanga mga tao. Alam po namin ma dq talaga si grace. Akala ko nga ang report is 50 M bribe to qualify grace poe.

    11. kung ebedinsya ang basihan, kahit walang involve na pera, talagang bagsak si grace sa kaso. kaya inunahan na nila nay pera daw na involve para sa DQ ni grace, ang babaw naman….

    12. pepeng tomas on

      well-placed sources at the High Court said on Monday yan yun nagsasabi ng lagayan… ow come on TSISMIS lang yan….. ng mabili ang balita…. lokokohin nung reporter yun tatay …….tssskkk

    13. Jomar Canlas puro ka source maglabas ka ng proweba hindi yong puro ko hinala tapos dimo naman kayang patunayan, magkano ba bayad sayo ng kampo ni binay. meron den akong source tumatanggap ka raw ng bayad ki binay at malaki ren kaya panay himod mo sa tumbong nya diba?

    14. william chen on

      baligtad yata ,para kung descision ng justice ay dq ibig sabihin tumanggap ng pera.

    15. alvin maruhom on

      Binabaliktad nito ang situation. The constitution is very clear on Grace Poe’s case and it can only be interpreted in her favor kung me pera involve.

    16. This “news” is bizarre and incredible. First, The Manila Times previously reported that a “fixer”, backed by a wealthy businessman who is funding G. Poe Llamanzares’ candidacy, is negotiating with Supreme Court Justices so as not to disqualify her. Now The Manila Times is reporting the exact opposite: that the Aquino-appointed justices are being offered bribes so that they will disqualify her. So which is which? This latest report is nothing more but a ploy to counteract the first report and muddy the waters even more. Bribes everywhere: to DQ, and not to DQ! These bribe offers, if true, must be exposed. Isn’t there an investigative reporter who has got contacts and sources at the Supreme Court who can unravel and exposed all those involved? Isn’t there a civic-minded and patriotic whistle-blower at the SC who can help out? The reputation of the Supreme Court is already at a low point, what with CJ M. L. Sereno and all Aquino appointees’ inclination and penchant to abandon the Constitution and make decisions based on their personal history, agenda and preconceived notions of justice. Bribery is illegal. With this new bribery report, the regard for this Court will sink even lower and perhaps never recover until new Justices are appointed on the basis of plain merit, rather than political considerations.

    17. Migs Doromal on

      Classic example of MISDIRECTION and as the cliche goes…

      “never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.”

      PNOY and the LP are just covering their tracks.

      Oh, well. Good enough for the uninitiated. Not for me.

    18. Fred Pescador on

      I wonder where they are getting the money to bribe this justices…they did it before so,I’m not really be surprised if they do this again…is this the savings maybe to what is not spent from their DAP?

    19. the difference is the amount of bribe and the bribees. it seems justices are more difficult to bribe than the senators,

    20. How could the LP works for the disqualification of Grace Poe when the result would benefit Binay and not Roxas? I think this is a strategy to make it appear that SC judges were bought when in fact they will decide for Grace Poe’s DQ anyway.

      • barcelonista on

        But Roxas is not as intelligent as you. He thinks the intelligent and reasonable people voting for GP will not stomach Binay and will vote for him. Also, after GP is out of the way, Binay can easily be dealt with by putting him in jail. Maiiwan nalang si Duterte who can’t even campaign properly. At the last minute, many might choose the lesser evil and vote for Mar. At least that’s what they think and hope for.

      • I agree. This strategy is designed to muddy the waters. The unofficial decision is probably already known, and whoever is the “source” of this report just wants to tarnish the reputation of those Justices who decided to disqualify Mrs. Llamanzares. Tit for tat, as they say.

    21. Parang malabo yata yong suhol ay para sa disqualification eh, ang nababasa natin ang pomapabor kay Sen. Poe ay yong mga inilagay ni Pnoy,ibig sabihin ba sila ang tatanggap ng suhol para i-disqualify si Poe.

      • barcelonista on

        ang malabo eh bakit di mo naintindihan syempre ang suhol ay para doon sa mga nasa gitna, mga di nagpapakita kung pro or anti GP.

      • Palagay ko, ang desisyon ng Supreme Court, kahit hindi pa official, ay nadisqualify si Poe. Ngayon, kung may balita na may suhol sa mga Justices na pumapabor sa kanya, ang implikasyon ay nasuhulan yung mga hindi pumabor sa kanya. Tactic lang ito para siraan ang mga reputasyon nung mga Justices na nagDQ.

    22. This kind of report is just plain bull and smacks of psywar. First, it is an insult to the justices because the amount is too low. From what I know, that amount was still bandied more than five years ago and should have increased by now to cover inflation. Anyone in that position would demand no less than PP100M for a decision which is decisive to the power and fortune of those in big business. In fact, for a bribe to succeed for this case would be at least PP1.0 Billion for each justice. Second, in pecuniary matters, justices would be dealing with someone in their age and their contemporaries and not with a tyro especially if known to be coming from Malacañang who may just be a balloon.

    23. Hindi kaya eto gawa gawa ng Poe camp? Siyempre ngayon medyo may kunting kaba ang mga justices na kung i-disqualify nila si Grace Llamanzares ibig sabihin tinanggap nila ang 50 million. Nagtatanong lang po.

      • barcelonista on

        HINDE. dahil gawa nga ng LP! si Grace Poe may supporters pero wala syang pera para sa ganyan. More importantly kahit may pera sya hindi nya gagamitin sa suhol. Marangal sya at hindi trapo.

      • I agree. This is just a strategy designed to smear the Justices who probably, although still not official, decided to disqualify G. Poe. What the “source” is trying to show is that the Justices who disqualified her have been bought!

      • But once she’s let off the hook, then her opponents would decry the SC for getting 100M each from POE’s camp. Spin-a-wheel!!!!!!

    24. President PNoy should be nailed to the cross upside down and let his body there to rot !

    25. Braincleaner on

      The Supreme Court is one of the most corrupt institution in this country. Appointed by successions of corrupt administrations. Which way the final decision go, they get payolas running into hundreds of millions. As what they did with EDCA, a decision needed by the US to make use of Philippine territory to spread their violent agenda in the Asian region. The only way for Grace Poe to get her affirmative vote is for BS Aquino III, to bribe the Justices. She and Escudero after all is his collaborator and the more viable candidate compared to Roxas, and Robredo. If she fails, the Justices gets payolas just the same for doing what is right in interpreting the provisions of law. The anti-Poe rivals for sure would put up the bill instead. This is just one of the many occasions and cases every corrupt Justices waits in their entire careers. Profit when you do, profit when you don’t! In both cases, they win! Remember, they are “Supreme” among the most corrupt judges of the most corrupted institution in the country. Appointed by the most corrupt political leadership the elite install every elections.

    26. Grace POE is a natural born citizen, and have meet the residency requirement, I don’t believe that justices can be bribed, just like that… God will always be on the righteous.

    27. Federico Lojo on

      Ang hirap as mga allegation na ito at wala namang ebidensya. Katulad ng allegation Kay Binay. Puro bintang wala namang ebidensya. Ang gobyernong ito ay namamaho na sa kabulokan at kailangang itapon sa basurahan.

      • i guess you need to open your eyes and ears.. you dont seem cleaning it.. there are so many, many many evidences presented. If indeed there was no evidence, ombudsman will not and can never file plunder and graft .. so you’d better go back to school so you may understand what you are talking about.. you are indeed idiot!

    28. I don’t believe this. Poe is Pnoy’s alternative candidate. He wants her to win if Roxas fails.

    29. why didn’t the justices immediately arrest the person & file bribery charges?!?!

    30. I don’t believed in this story. This reporter is floating the idea that SC Justices where bought to DQ Grace. I think it’s the other way around. Grace is on the way to be DQ. BS Aquino is doing everything w/ the help of his dear uncle to ensure that Grace not be DQ and win this coming election. If SC Justices will just follow the law and the constitution, round one for Grace Llamanzares DQ already. To SC Justices follow the law, don’t use the “awa” effect. We are talking about the presidency of our beloved country not a president of a corporation.

      • delfin coronia on

        Tinamaan mo ang half ng palabas na ito friend pro pra sa akin ang truth kya nagpalabas ng ganitong news ay para palabasin na mgkasalungat o mgkalaban ang LP at ang partido ni Poe, para isipin ng mga botante na hindi manok ni Pnoy si Poe where in fact si Poe talaga ang tunay na kandidato nya. Mga appointed ni Pnoy sa supreme court susuhulan nya??? Come on!! Sa simula pa lang alam ni Pnoy walang chance na manalo si Roxas hence plan B is neccessary. Kung magkaroon man ng dirty tricks sa comelec iyon ay di upang panaluhin si roxas kundi si poe. Sa gayun comelec comes out honest kc d nanalo si roxas na lp candidate pro celebrate ang lp camp kc si poe ang nanalo??? Kya vote wisely!! GISING NA TUMAYO SA GUSTO NATING KINABUKASAN NG MGA ANAK NATIN.

    31. Jomar Canlas you are twisting the issues Justices should abide by the constitution and
      by- laws of the land.

    32. Edgardo V. Legasto on

      ” A message to those Justices … LET THE MAJORITY OF FILIPINO PEOPLE DECIDE FOR OUR COUNTRY … NOT THOSE few in the supreme court who were not DIVINE .

    33. I think justices of SC are liberal minded n hav integrity they’re different from politicians n will vote according to their conscience n liberal interpretation of the laws. God bless them.

      • barcelonista on

        For you to have such a good opinion of the SC justices, you probably didn’t watch the SC oral arguments.

    34. what and who to believe during campaign season is the question. A few articles before this said that Poe’s backers are the ones offering millions to the supreme court for her approval to run. Now it is aquino. Of course people will easily believe it is Aquino because of his history of loving to buy people who are cheap and marketable! The dirty people who allowed money to change hands in exchange for principles. Now, poe has rich backers, really rich. And there are rumors that bally and cris are campaigning for poe. Is this just a publicity stunt like most of them are? The law is the law and she should be disqualified anyway, but the chief justice from the very beginning showed sympathy on her cause which is ODD in the first place being the chief and knows the constitution. She should work on amending the constitution after this but she should base her ruling on the existing laws. This is another caSe of she said, he said, ………….. that people just cannot bet their two cents on.

    35. I have a source that it was the Divina Law Office who machinated this DQ in order to have sympathy vote for Llamanzares, but it back fired…. If she will be disqualified Binay will get 40% of her vote while Roxas will get 30%, those figures are according to political scientists from different academe. Your report sounds very interesting

    36. The LP and Aquino is trying to muddle the water. They need Grace Poe who is their Manchurian candidate. Because they know that Roxas has zero chance to win even with the Hokos POCOS machines. It will be pretty obvious if they do that. With Grace Poe and Escudero (they are going to protect Aquino, kkk and Liberal Party from the jaws of justice), they can cheat with the help of the Hokus Pokus machines to get Poe and Escudero elected without raising lots of suspicious.

    37. noelsalaysay on

      I thought Grace is the invisible presidential candiate of PNoy? Is the bribe the other way around, to qualify her because she is foundling?

    38. Daang di na pwede ituwid! Wheel chairs are waiting at hospitals after there terms in office.

    39. I do not believe PNoy nor Rocxas will bribe any SC Jusrice bcoz Mar Roxas is already v vlose to win the election, 80% of those receiving CCT will vote for him per SWS survey. IF one tries to determine how SC Justices will vote it clearly shows they will vote against Poe.

      • I think it’s more believable that the sources moving heaven and earth to have
        Poe disqualified would come from the camp
        of Binay are they would be the primary beneficiaries of votes not going to Poe. I’m glad reason and justice prevailed
        with the SC decision.

    40. Mr. Canlas I dont think somebody will believed your story. It does not make sense. If the contest will be among two individuals your story might be possible. But at this point there are 5 contestants so how could the briber to be , be sure that she or he will winwhen there are other contestants. Your story is full of shit.

    41. So if the Palace and it cronies are the ones behind all these brides what does this says for all the article which has been written that she Sen. Poe was the President secret weapon??

      • The Plaza Miranda bombing occurred during a political campaign rally of the Liberal Party at Plaza Miranda in the district of Quiapo, Manila in the Philippines on August 21, 1971.[1] It caused nine deaths and injured 95 others, including many prominent Liberal Party politicians

        Suspicion of responsibility for the blast initially fell upon incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos, whom the Liberals blamed for the bombing; however, in later years, prominent personalities associated with the event have laid the blame on the Communist Party of the Philippines

        Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr,, who was LP secretary-general, escaped the violent attack after he attended a dinner and arrived late. Ninoy Aquino said he earlier received a call from an unidentified person, who warned of a possible attack. After his dinner, he went home to don a bulletproof vest.

    42. Parang may mali ha. Talaga namng madisqualify sya kung wala lang ang mga tuta ni pnoy, eh bkit sila pa ngayon ang gustong magbayad para madisqualify, oopps mukhang may niluluto ha.

    43. Is bribery not a crime in the Philippines?

      If the reporter has all the facts: he is obligated to report the crime to the judicial authorities; otherwise his reporting is just speculative.

    44. brigido batungbakal on

      How many times you mentioned the “source” what people want to know is this source have a name, if not, it’s just another “tsismis” .

    45. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers,New York
      07 March 2016

      I would not at all be surprised if indeed the alleged offer of P50 million to each of the Supreme Court Justices to hand down a ruling DISQUALIFYING presidential candidate Grace Poe Llamanzares happens to be TRUE.

      The Philippines, as the whole world knows, is a veritable cesspool of CORRUPTION.

      I suggest that the Mass Media interview each of the 15 Justices to verify whether or not these allegations are true or not–and it will be to the benefit of the Justices to either deny or confirm the allegations, and, further, to identify those who made the offer.

      As a matter of fact, there is no need to bribe the Supreme Court Justices to do what the briber/s seek them to do because, if 8 of the 15 Justices should correctly interpret the relevant Constitutional provisions and the provisions of the Omnibus Election Code, they will have no problem lifting the TRO in question and affirming the ruling of the COMELEC.


    46. This move by Aquino and Roxas to bribe the Justices could very well be true as it supports their strategy on how to get the low rating Roxas elected as President of the country. This strategy is :
      1) Disqualify Poe
      2). Indict Binay for Plunder- note the latest efforts of Ombudsman Morales in trying to get the COA report which will be her basis for charging the VP in Sandiganbayan. This also despite the fact that the VP is an impeachable official. This move will be the final nail in the coffin in the VP’s quest for the Presidency.
      3) With the Poe and Binay out of the way- it leaves only Duterte and Santiago. Santiago can be discounted. This leaves only Duterte to contend with.
      4) Cheat Duterte in Luzon and Visayas thru the PCOS. Easier to cheat one candidate as opposed to trying to cheat three.
      Then voila!!! We have President Mar Roxas and First Lady K lording it over the hapless Filipinos for the next 6 years.

      As further support to this bribery scenario is a recent statement from Roxas that it is Binay who will benefit from Poe’s disqualification. This is the misdirection cover to point the finger to Binay in case the bribery attempt is discovered. Watch how this develops from here on.

    47. Felix Sevidad on

      I don’t believed this, what I think is they’re trying to bribe the justices to reverse the comelec decision. This idea of bribing the supreme Court justices is maybe right, but not to disqualified Poe.
      This report is purely to trick and make us believed that indeed some influential person is trying to block Poe’s candidacy. And if Poe is allowed to run,
      The Philippines will be the laughingstock
      for having flexible Constitution, or for having Constitution that can be changed by arguments and at the same time if the price is right. This is the reason why lawlessness in the Philippines is uncontrollable and can never be control as long these people responsible for carrying out or managing the affairs of our nation is free from being corrupted by power and money.

    48. juandelacruz on

      The decision is needed now so that we can proceed the election without hussle to the general electorate.Decide now SC be it dissenting or concurring opinions the public wants to know.

    49. Another ploy by the GPL group, it should be 50 million pesos for each justice not to disqualify Grace Llamanzares.

    50. This is unholy smoke which intends to obscure and fog the real intentions of those who would like to see Poe qiualified to run for the presidency. It sets up the public perception that in the event that the SC justices vote to disqualify Poe then this must be the result of the SC justices succumbing to bribes instead to standing their ground and upholding the Constitution.

      The source of this leak in the SC should be ferreted out and brought to Justice. That person, justice or not, has no business making this damaging claims to the integrity of the Court. Names should be exposed and explicitly announced instead of hiding them in the dark anonymity of nefarious and evil innuendo.

    51. Mr Canlas name your sources, or you just want to earn media mileage. If you cannot name the personality involved just shut up and look for news that is worth reading.

    52. I’m not surprise that binay corrupt and muramar can do bribe ….it is not impossible …100%possible . For all voters you all need to watch closely the news ..
      we need senator grace poe i n the coc ballot and she needs to be qualified to run …we need to be watch dog and pray hard that those evils will not prevail.

    53. I ‘m 100% agree senator Grace Poe of what you have said ….

      “I did not steal from you, I did not deceive you nor have been remiss of my duty to serve. I am not like the people who they are trying to protect. I’m not a liar,” she stressed.

      I agree senator Grace Poe ….

      There are people who resort to inventing stories to destroy you naming that groups are una party of binay corrupt , lapiang patuwad-tuwad of the liberal party of muramar and of course dudirty.

      i’m confident too as a supporter of SEN.Grace Poe she will be qualified to run because Jesus Christ always at her side since when she was young. She was adopted by a rich couple twice .If it is not God who that who will be .


      supreme court you all are not God therefore please act like you are human too ..may puso ,damdamin at talino …please let senator grace poe qualified to run AS PRESIDENT. THe people are clamoring for her to be our leader …she is the answer to all problem in our country .

    54. I’m not surprise that binay corrupt and muramar can do bribe ….it is not impossible …100%possible . For all voters you all need to watch closely the news ..
      we need senator grace poe i n the coc ballot and she needs to be qualified to run …we need to be watch dog and pray hard that those evils will not prevail.

    55. A alleged attempt at bribery and there is no mention in the article that the justices informed the Dept of Justice of the crime so they could investigate (if needed) and arrest those responsible.

      So what will be done about it ? Nothing as usual because it may involve the Liberal Party ?

      When is the lawyer who tried to bribe the justices going to be arrested ?
      What’s the name of the lawyer ?
      What’s the name of the law firm ?
      Who is involved ?

      So many criminals to arrest but no one will do it.

    56. Natalia Salvacion on

      Kahit ano pa gawin nilang bribery, mas naniniwala ako na papaboran nng korte suprema si Sen Grace POE at hinding hindi siya madi-disqualify, if totoo man ang birbery, ang masasabi ko lang nakakaawa ang mga kalaban ni senator poe, hindi na nila alam ang gagawin. … tigilan na nila ang kanilang black propaganda nila.

    57. The news about this attempt to bribe may just be one to ‘muddle’ the issue; one that will tend to have some Justices vote otherwise, to prove that there was no bribery.. Legally, there’s no question that Grace Poe Llamanzares is “Disqualified” and “Unqualified” to run for President of the Philippines.

      There’s so much talks about this issue which is a very simple legal issue. However, there seems to be politics involved that’s why this country cannot move forward positively.

      May God bless the Philippines..

      • barcelonista on

        legally? naks ha P. Lorenzo, did you bother to read her memorandum, which was filed in the Supreme Court? have you ever read a 349-page document in your life? or do you get your information from tabloids?

      • Antonio Abanco on

        I want to congratulate the Manila Times reporter who wrote the SC bribery. He or she must have been sleeping inside a dungeon when he or she dreamt about this conjectural or conspiratorial article. Some writers have become fictionists instead of being objective journalists. So, what happened? The SC favored Poe 9-6 in spite of the alleged P50-million grease money. What a pity!