Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito may not be in good terms with Sen. Jose “Jinggoy’ Estrada but he is not rejoicing over the misfortune that befell his half-brother.
Ejercito said he, too, was pained by the jailing of Estrada at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center.

“I know how difficult it is to be in that situation. It’s one of the most difficult feelings one can have. It’s very painful to see a member of your family being sent to jail,” he told reporters.

Ejercito admitted that although he and Estrada do not get along well, he felt sad seeing his half-brother surrendering and being detained. He said that no matter what happens, Jinggoy will always be his brother.

Ejercito’s mother is former actress Guia Gomez while Jinggoy is the son of former Sen. Luisa “Loi” Estrada.

Although Ejercito said he will pay Estrada a visit, he noted that it may not happen soon because he will wait for things to “cool down” before seeing Estrada. The latter got mad when Ejercito signed the Senate blue ribbon committee report on the pork barrel scam.

Ejercito explained that he signed the decision with reservations because he was not convinced that it was a complete report and insisted that the committee should continue its investigation to include other bogus non-government organizations mentioned in the special audit report of the Commission on Audit that were involved in the “pork” scam.

“I’m hoping that later on, he [Jinggoy] will realize that my reason behind my decision to sign the committee report is not to pin him down but to insist that the committee must continue its investigation,” he said.

“Maybe in time, when I feel the situation is right, I will visit him,” Ejercito added.



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  1. What a hypocrite. Hurt!! …. my foot. Deep inside, you are celebrating because your competitor to be the heir apparent of your father is now gone and discredited. You and your mother now owns San Juan or maybe Manila where your father is the present mayor. Ambitions, greed and politics destroys not only friendship but families too.

  2. Sen. J.V.: There is no amount of explanation that can justify your signing the committee report. If you consider yourself to be a true brother of the accused Sen. Jinggoy, then you should have refrained from signing the report “por cortesia” to your brother. I am sure the committee will not pressure you to sign for this reason. There are things that one does not do to a brother. Blood is thicker than water. But then of course, I am not surprised. You are not really Sen. Jinggoy’s brother.