• JV Ejercito blasts Zamoras


    SENATOR Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito on Monday scored members of the Zamora family for their “relentless attacks” against his mother, San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez.

    Supporters of the Zamoras recently filed a petition for recall against Gomez.

    “How can there be a loss of confidence when all the people in San Juan would see the improvement of our city,” Ejercito, son of Gomez and former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, told reporters in an interview at the sidelines of groundbreaking rites of the expansion of the San Juan Medical Center.

    The senator downplayed the recall petition, saying that “the move which supposed to be a big event turned out to be a dud.”

    “They [Zamoras] expect thousands of supporters would join with them, and they think that the filing of petition for recall will be a big event that the whole city will be shaken by this move, but the mere fact is that only 300 people went to support them is a clear message from San Juaneños that majority of them would really see that the present administration is doing good and a lot of improvements initiates aside from the new City Hall, Hall of Justice, San Juan Medical Center, City Jail and other facilities,” Ejercito, also a former mayor, said.

    “There is no reason to hold recall elections because of loss of confidence, graft and corruption, and other baseless accusations against my mother. We’re not afraid but it will set a bad precedent. We hold elections every three years, and how can we have a productive year if all the losing candidates will file recall elections . . . if we hold elections every year,” the senator added.

    Ejercito also chided the Zamoras for saying the city government has again made a multi-million loan to finance the expansion of San Juan Medical Center.

    “There is nothing wrong to have a debt from the Land Bank of the Philippines as long as you use the money for its purpose. If we are not good payers, the Land Bank will not lend us money for our projects. These banks [Land Bank of the Philippines and Development Bank of the Philippines] are there just to help to fund big projects,” he said.

    Gomez said she was surprised by the allegations of corruption, abuse of power and neglect of duty leveled against her.

    “How can you have loss of confidence when you just received numerous awards from the national government?” she said.

    “Graft and corruption, and abuse of power? Where, why, and how? That’s for him to prove,” the mayor added.
    Gomez defended their decision to loan P500 million from the Land Bank.

    “The people of San Juan can’t wait for three or five years to finish the hospital. It should be constructed immediately because the people needed it now,” she said.


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