K-to-12 sends 2.5 million children to pre-school


THE recently enacted “K -to-12” education program would send 2.5 million young pupils to pre-school or kindergarten.

This, according to Sen. Ralph Recto, the principal author of the Senate version of the measure, is based on the estimate of the Department of Education (DepEd).

He explained that, the Congress-ratified “K -to-12” proposed law fully institutionalizes the previously optional kindergarten into the country’s educational stepladder.

Recto added that, the law also effectively adds two more years to the existing four-year secondary education.

The senator expressed belief that the “K -to-12” education would align the country with the global standards in education and likewise open more doors to children denied of their chance to step inside a classroom.

Recto said a longer learning period would keep the country at par with other countries and effectively improve the country’s quality of education.

“Our graduates would no longer be discriminated by their length of campus stay and would be measured by their talent, proficiency and world-class skills,” Recto.

The senator successfully wrote into the proposed law the use of “mother tongue” as the medium of instruction for lower years to better facilitate and expedite learning.

Recto has cited latest global studies, which confirmed that learning through the use of “mother tongue” results in “quicker comprehension.”

“Scientific studies and global trends point to multi-lingual based education using the mother tongue as becoming the standard teaching method for basic literacy all over the world,” he said.

Ritchie A. Horario


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