Kabul to investigate child sex slavery fueling insider attacks


KABUL: Afghanistan’s president has ordered a “thorough investigation” into institutionalized sexual abuse of children by police, after Agence France-Presse revealed the Taliban are using child sex slaves to launch deadly insider attacks. There has been international condemnation of paedophilic “bacha bazi” — literally “boy play” — which AFP found has been exploited by the Taliban to mount a series of Trojan Horse attacks over two years that have killed hundreds of policemen in the remote southern province of Uruzgan. “The president has ordered a thorough investigation [in Uruzgan]and immediate action based on findings of the investigation,” the presidential palace said of Ashraf Ghani in a statement. “Anyone, regardless of rank within the forces, found guilty will be prosecuted and punished in accordance and in full compliance of the Afghan laws and our international obligations,” the English language statement said.



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