• Kalibrr targets 1M hires this yr from fresh grad market


    PHILIPPINE-BASED job search engine Kalibrr is targeting to hit one million hires this year just two years after its launch, showing just how fast online job-matching platforms can grow.

    Paul Rivera, Kalibrr co-founder and chief executive officer, told The Manila Times in an interview last week that the company is on its way to reach the one-million milestone for hires mostly from this year’s crop of fresh graduates.

    “So far we have over 800,000 hires as of end-2016. Definitely, it would hit 1 million this year,” Rivera said after a press briefing last week.

    Since its official launch in 2015, most of Kalibrr’s hires are from the robust business process outsourcing (BPO) industry which also grew its workforce to 1.2 million in 2016 from 1.1 million in 2015.

    Rivera said the BPO sector will account for bulk of the employment market in the country and will continue to be active, given the accelerated expansion plans of BPO companies and the fast promotion and turnover rate in the sector.

    The BPO sector is expected to generate $40 billion in revenues by 2022 and create 7.6 million direct and indirect jobs as well as cover 15 percent of the total global outsourcing market, based on the 2022 Roadmap of the IT-Business Processing Association of the Philippines (iBPAP).

    Rivera said the job market in the Philippines has different asset classes and age: those in the higher age brackets of the 30s to 40s in the lower-income classes are “still searching for job opportunities abroad” while the younger and educated groups are moving from big companies to startups.

    “Unfortunately, the lower-income market still wants to venture abroad to provide for their family, while the millennials are all about having impact — transferring from big firms to smaller companies and startups,” Rivera said.

    But Rivera noted that software and IT engineer positions are a job opportunity that is often overlooked by job hunters.

    “There’s a big demand for software and IT engineers, but there’s only a little number of that here. I hope we can get more of them in the next few years,” he said.

    Kalibrr had earlier signed a number of jobs deals with the government and other private institutions and companies to ramp up its hiring.


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