• Kalibrr to solve BPO hiring problems


    While the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is booming, its growth is being threatened by the inability to find skilled workers since existing recruitment practice are extraordinarily inefficient and cannot scale to meet labor demands.

    “You seen and heard the call center and BPO boom right? And what you have on those buildings are foreign companies who were no longer choosing the United States, no longer choosing India, their choosing the Philippines as a base to grow their companies,” said Paul Rivera, co-founder and chief executive officer of Kalibrr.

    With this, Kalibrr, a cloud-based startup software company, is preparing its entry into the Philippine BPO industry after raising $1.9 million or P83 million from global investors Omidyar Network, Siemer Ventures, Learn Capital, Kickstart Ventures, and several other angel investors.

    Kickstart Ventures an accelerator-incubator company owned by Globe Telecom that helps startups operating in the Philippines to build robust businesses and technical foundations, and to scale.

    “You think $83 million is a lot of money, we need this amount of money because were tackling a very big problem, the problem is you have some of the best companies in the world, now choosing the Philippines, not as a back office, but its second office,” Rivera said.

    Kalibrr said that the amount will be used primarily to launch their recruitment, assessment, and talent management platform which will revolutionize how jobseekers and employers connect.

    Kaliberr’s mission is to transform recruitment for the BPO industry by giving jobseekers and companies a new way to connect with each other.

    “This country over the last decades is blessed with the emergence of BPO. The challenge they have is that they want to continue to hire more Filipino as much as possible but they can’t, they simply can’t,” said Rivera.

    “BPO recruitment teams still spend hundreds of hours and dollars sifting through resumes and doing interviews to find the few candidates to fill the roles. That’s time and money lost, for both the hiring company and the applicants,” said Minette Navarrete, president of Kickstart Ventures.

    The BPO industry generates about $20 billion in revenues annually, and employs over 1 million people directly.

    Rosalie C. Periabras


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