• ‘Kamlong’ produces higher yields – researcher


    THE Isabela State University (ISU) has found a way to increase the yield of the traditional tomato plant, which is to graft it with eggplant.

    Kamlong produces higher yields than the ordinary tomato plant, according to the research of Dr. Carlito Lomboy. Kamlong is a term coined from kamatis (tomato) and talong (eggplant).

    Dr. Lomboy is a faculty of the College of Fisheries, Agriculture and Agribusiness (CFAA) of ISU-Roxas Campus and has been working with the university for more than 30 years.

    Dr. Lomboy found out in his dissertation titled “Performance of Grafted and Non-Grafted Tomatoes To Chicken Dung and Bio-Liquid Fertilizers” that when tomato, which is less tolerant to bacterial wilt and other diseases, is grafted onto eggplant, the resulting is a sturdier rootstock and a greater capacity to withstand water logging from to excessive rains, which usually happens during off-season tomato production.

    Kamlong is also more robust and has a longer productive life than ordinary tomato. It could produce an additional 10 harvests compared to non-grafted plants, which usually produces 12 to 14 harvests per season.

    Dr. Lomboy said Kamlong can be grafted using a small biodegradable latex rubber tube to hold the graft. It protects the graft union from desiccation and later splits as the stems are enlarged.

    Lomboy finished Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Agronomy and minor in Animal Husbandry. He has a masters and doctoral degrees in crop science.


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