• Kanebo and the beauty of Japanese cosmetics


    The Japanese have always been known to be blessed with flawless skin, as well as beauty secrets which they have come to share with the rest of the world through manufactured products. As such, Japanese cosmetics and skincare lines have likewise gained renown through the years and considered a leader in quality and innovation.

    Topmost on the minds of the world skincare and cosmetic market when it comes to Japanese beauty is legacy brand Kanebo, founded in 1936. The company’s philosophy and practices best explain why Japanese cosmetics are regarded as the best in the world.

    ‘Chrono Beauty’ focuses on rhythms that enable women to correctly identify changes in their skin and care for it at the best time

    ‘Chrono Beauty’ focuses on rhythms that enable women to correctly identify changes in their skin and care for it at the best time

    For the last 80 years, Kanebo has pursued the possibilities of rhythms in beauty, using the study of natural materials to create better emulsifiers and other new ingredients. Products are based on the knowledge and understanding of a variety of fields, including dermatology, formulation technology and what they refer to as “Kansei engineering.”

    Moreover, the Japanese in general and across all industries pay close attention to every detail of manufacturing. The same is true for skincare and cosmetics companies like Kanebo, which considers every facet of their products from texture to fragrance, tint and hue, all the way to packaging, and even the sound it makes when closing lids or shutting compacts.

    As it celebrates its 80th year, Kanebo—which is the umbrella company of other popular Japanese cosmetics brands Lunasol, Impress, Sensai, Freshel and Kate—has launched a special anniversary collection in the Philippines based on the challenges and breakthroughs it has come across over a long period of time.

    Held at Shangri-La The Fort in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Kanebo marketing manager Robby Da Silva explained that as the first in the industry to introduce the skin analyser, Kanebo identified that very few people feel that their skin is moisturized during the day. To address this concern, the brand formulated the “Chrono Beauty” line, which focuses on rhythms (daily, monthly, yearly and lifelong) that enable women to correctly identify changes in their skin and care for it at the best time. The results, again based on research, leads to radiantly moisturized skin.

    Bouncing emulsion and Moisture Rouge

    Bouncing emulsion and Moisture Rouge

    The brand is also one of the first to determine that the answer to the daily onslaught of dryness damage is the “vernix,” which is found as the body covering of babies consisting lipids that contain fatty acids. From this, tey developed day and night creams Baby-soft Oil Formulation.

    Meanwhile, when it comes to makeup products, Kanebo employs the 5R technology, which is centered on the color red, giving the skin a natural healthy complexion. These have especially been found as most flattering to on Asian and Caucasian skin tones, and is carried by the brand’s foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, blushes and lipsticks in classic shades.

    For this season, Kanebo spotlights its Glow Primer SPF 10, Full Radiance Foundation SPF 25, Control Finish Powder, Moisture Rouge, Selection Colors Eyesha­dow, Dual Eyeliner, Pencil Eyebrow, and Variant Brosse.


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