Kapag puno na ang salop….


[The title in Tagalog translated into English says: "But when the measure is full.”]

The noses of the military advisers of President BS Aquino The Last must have become longer like Pinocchio’s after they testified before the House and the Senate that they had said nothing to him about the Mamasapano Massacre. How can they claim that they never told him about the massacre when BS Aquino himself told the SAF men that he had learned about it in the morning of January 25?

I know, they want to show their loyalty to BS Aquino and are trying to distance him from any accountability. But should they insist, they will be viewed as crooks, virtual vendors of Quezon Bridge, because very few will believe them. Why should their loyalty be primarily to him and not to our country and to the truth?

A year ago, a senior cadet of the Philippine Military Academy was discharged for allegedly lying about why he was late in one class. Now, the top brass of the military are lying thru their teeth on an issue that involves the death of 44 brave SAF commandos and yet they don’t even have any feeling of guilt!

If none of the top generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines had informed the President, who could have done so early in the morning? One of the doomed SAF men in Mamasapano thru a cellphone? Well, here’s a make believe conversation between BS Aquino The Last and the SAF men.

* * *

BSA: Who you?
SAF man: Sir, I’m with the SAF and we are cornered by the MILF in Mamasapano. Please send reinforcement.

BSA: Why did you break the chain of command? You should talk first with your immediate superior. I talk only with the PNP chief, General Purisima.

SAF man: Sir, Secretary Deles and Secretary de Lima said the chain of command is non-existent at the PNP.

BSA: What’s your name? Who did you vote for in 2010? I listen only to those who voted for me.

SAF man: Sir, I voted for Gibo Teodoro. A SAF man doesn’t lie but that shouldn’t be of any consequence. We went to Mamasapano to arrest two terrorists as you had ordered but we are all cornered now. Unless you order a reinforcement, we will all die.

BSA: How many of your companions are already dead?

SAF man: Sir, about five of us among 44 men are still alive.

BSA: I’ll consult with the peace advisers first because the reinforcements might engage the MILF and jeopardize the peace process.

SAF man: Sir, time is of the essence. Will you sacrifice us for the sake of the MILF and the peace process?

BSA: Masyado kang maraming reklamo. Buhay ka pa naman, di ba?

SAF man: Yes sir, I’m still alive but if we will all die, the ghost of Mamasapano will haunt you out of Malacañang.

* * *

Well, it looks like BS Aquino is now being bothered by the ferocity of the people’s reaction to the massacre of the SAF heroes. Attempts to put the blame on the SAF for entering MILF “territory” has not gained any traction. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s now smoking more than his usual three packs of cigarette a day. He must have been so disturbed that he didn’t even attend the wedding of his friend, Sen. Chiz Escudero, where he was supposed to be the best man. Chiz tried to wiggle BSA out by saying it was he who suggested that the President skip the event. Hello!

This Sunday, Feb. 22, a more vigorous call for the resignation of the BSA will unfold. The spirit of Edsa 1, which commenced on Feb. 22, 1986, was never achieved. Sen. Gringo Honasan, one of the prime movers of that historic event, said that the spirit of Edsa 1 was betrayed, forcing him and his group to stage a series of coup attempts against then President Cory Aquino.

Will the cry of the people this Sunday result in the resignation of the dishonest, incompetent and uncaring president? If it will, we can only hope that the post-Aquino regime will not betray the spirit of the new movement.

Perhaps, BS Aquino can still save his skin if he’ll admit his responsibility in the Mamasapano massacre, get the MILF big shots to surrender the wanted terrorists they are coddling and those MILF fighters who committed atrocities, name Gen. Leonardo Espina as the new PNP Director General and reinstate Gen. Getulio Napenas as SAF chief. Perhaps, kung di pa puno ang salop.



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  1. I suggest that a connection be made between the BBL and the Smartmatic cheating machines of Comelec. If the people realize that if the constitution is amended to suit the BBL as it is presently drafted, then these cheating machines will make sure that those MILF ANIMALS GET WHAT THEY WANT OVER AND ABOVE THE OBJECTIONS OF THE PEOPLE. That should make the people angry enough to go to Comelec en masse and people power those machines and those dirty commissioners out of there.

  2. I think I’ve read and heard all the negatives leveled against Pres. B. S. Aquino. Did any one ever think that he will always say: I didn’t do it; she did, they did!

  3. Resigning isnt in the vocabulary of most filipinos, they think it makes them look guilty & they will lie & lie & lie to cover up their guilt. Never once have a seen a guy own up to being at fault, but saying that napenas seems to have said he was at fault & i agree a huge part of the fault lies with him. He should be fired from his position & dismissed from service & all benefits forfitted & also jailed. Then & only then might he one day also tell you the whole truth. These people have to understand their loyalty lies squarley at the feet of the people of this country. More so than the president. If pnoy died whilst president, you would have a saying & it goes like this, the president is dead, long live the president. It basically means even though the sitting president is dead the office of the president isnt & will continue. The office of the president is to protect & serve the people, not the president the office of the president so if the president doesnt do what his office should do then he should be punished accordingly.

  4. I would love to see that nincompoop of a machine-elected “president” together with his Band of Thieves from the executive and legislative branches, thrashed into the Pasig River come February 22, 2015. The country does not deserve them.