Kapuso love teams take the lead in 2018



Kapuso love teams seem to be taking center stage at the GMA camp as 2018 enters. The hottest team-ups of GMA are not wanting in project. The reunited Derbie of Derrick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza have their big romantic movie shot in Italy and to be shown first quarter of the coming year. The movie is just one of the projects that they will do. GMA is also cooking-up another big television project for the two former tween stars.

Not to be outdone is the loveteam of Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid as they headline one of the new primetime offerings of GMA for 2018. “Sherlock, Jr.” is Ruru’s first title role and he just can’t contain his happiness. This is also some sort of reunion for The Gabru loveteam after it was rumored that “Encantadia” was their last project together. Ruru and Gabbi both got busy with separate projects since then which fanned the fire even more. Until the network announced that Gabru will star together in a new series which is Sherlock, Jr.

Crossing over from 2017 to 2018 is the Biguel loveteam of Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix. Their team-up is said to be one of the strongest. Their ongoing series “Kambal Karibal” is doing so well at the ratings game, giving it’s competitor a tough time. Biguel however humbly believes that the story and the execution of the scenes have big roles on the success of their primetime soap. They are, of course, very thankful that Kambal Karibal is rating high and it rates more as the story progresses.

‘GabRu:’ Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid

What’s good with the three Kapuso premiere loveteams is that they have very good working relationship. Derrick and Barbie’s friendship has passed the fire, so to speak. The friendship which started when they were doing the youth-oriented show, “Tween Hearts” has remained even after they did separate projects. Both Derrick and Barbie have proven that they can carry shows separately. Derrick’s weekly comedy-fantasy series “Tsuperhero” was a hit among kids and teenagers. Barbie, on the other hand, holds the record of leading the cast of the longest running afternoon soap, “The Stepsisters.”

Their team-up also proved to be strong on primetime when they did “Anna Karenina” which ruled the ratings on its time slot. And now that they are together again, the two top young stars are happily excited because they work together well. They are so comfortable with each other that they can even tell their secret to each other.

They have finished their shoot in Italy of “Almost A Love Story” under the direction of Louie Ignacio who swears the chemistry between Derrick and Barbie us still there.

“They have very strong chemistry. They look very good together on screen. Even during the shoot, kitang-kita. I think it has something to do with the way they regard and treat each other. They have this genuine concern for each other, they were taking care of each other while we were shooting and they are very sincere. I think that’s where the chemistry comes from,” said Direk Louie.

In the case of Gabru, the two admitted that they almost drifted apart especially when rumors started circulating that Encantadia would be their last project together. Even if they are together in the weekly Sunday show “Sunday Pinasaya,” the spark was just nowhere. They would just do their segments together treating it as part of their job. Affected by the rumors? “Perhaps,” Ruru admitted.

Upon starting the taping for Sherlock, Jr., Gabbi and Ruru tried to rekindle the kind of relationship they had when they were doing “Let The Love Begin” but it seems that there was a thin wall between them. The fire was missing! Until they went to Palawan for a three-day commercial shoot for a clothing brand they were endorsing. It was there that they had a heart-to-heart talk. They talked about their careers, about the two of them. They realized that there was actually no communication between them. They admitted that they were so near yet so far. That was when they resolved that they would bring back their kind of relationship. They would be more caring toward each other and that’s what the public, especially their fans, are seeing now with Gabbi and Ruru.

‘Biguel’ Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix

Separation is something strange for Bianca and Miguel, not in their vocabulary as a loveteam. They are always together in projects. After starring in “Mulawin” with Derrick, they were given another primetime series which has proven successful. Fans talk about it. Social media is abuzz with it. The high ratings proves how strong the show is.

Bianca’s character Crisanta’s suffering at the hands of ill-willed Cheska, portrayed by GMA newcomer Kyline Alcantara, has become more pronounced and big credit also goes to Kyline’s effective performance as the villainess. GMA has indeed found the perfect young villainess in Kyline. Watching her, one will notice that she really knows her character like the back of her hand. When she raises her eyebrows, when she pouts her lips, when she starts rolling her eyes, one knows that she is a mean character. Now the viewers know why she is dubbed as la nueva contravida.


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