Why Karylle is all smiles



Singer-actress and theater performer Karylle is still the blushing bride half a year into her marriage to SpongeCola vocalist Yael Yuzon. Besides her personal happiness, she is also doing a great job juggling her roles as a celebrity and young wife.

As if life couldn’t get any better, she just landed a brand new endorsement that is very close to her heart. The It’s Showtime host happily revealed to The Manila Times that she is now the brand ambassador of mouthwash brand OraCare, a responsibility she believes she can perform credibility what with having a dentist for a dad.

According to Karylle, she had learned the importance of oral hygiene at a very young age. “A lot of people don’t regularly go to the dentist so my dad’s always reminding me what I should do in between so I don’t neglect my teeth and oral health in general,” she explained.

A self-confessed foodie, she learned from her father that in order to avoid bad breath from spices and the like, brushing is not enough.

“A good mouthwash is always necessary,” Karylle declared. “With Oracare, there is no sting or burning sensation that other people dislike about mouthwashes. Still, its active ingredient—stabilized chlorine dioxide—kills bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds, the main culprits of strong mouth odors,” she said like a true dentist’s daughter.

Moreover, as a singer and host, oral hygiene is a top priority for Karylle since her mouth and voice are her key tools.

“It’s important for me to have a healthy mouth and fresh breath because it gives me a certain level of confidence I performing,” she continued.

“So at the end of the day, this endorsement is one that’s really up my alley. I’m very happy to be OraCare’s newest brand ambassador,” she concluded with a smile.


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